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Full Version: Virtual YouTuber Agemthread
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Let's discuss and share information about Virtual YouTubers here.

List of the most famous V.Tubers (Reference)
By the way the reason why it says "agemthread" is because I didn't think it was appropriate to name this thread "megathread" although no one here has ever brought about the topic.
uh, what's a virtual youtuber?
(2018-03-08 22:41:19)I Wrote: [ -> ]uh, what's a virtual youtuber?

A cartoon character youtuber, a cartoon talks to the camera like a person would
[Image: j4t6gl58jxgz.png]

no clue why i'd ever watch some kind of Baudrillardian abomination play videogames in a language i don't understand but she got her core audience of incel neckbeards sorted out lmao.
(2018-03-08 23:24:27)Big Money Salvia Wrote: [ -> ]does he count?

I don't think so. Tbh since Kizuna Ai defined what Virtual YouTuber is ambiguously, it's so debatable.

Though this topic needs to be on Technology and Computer, I am recently getting very interested in VTubers and would like to be new one. I remembered what is called メイアライブ, which you won't need cameras nor motion captures.
(2018-03-08 22:41:19)Residays Wrote: [ -> ]uh, what's a virtual youtuber?
more importantly what is an Agemthread?
I don't get it.
(2019-01-02 18:45:40)ProClifo Wrote: [ -> ]
(2018-03-08 22:41:19)Residays Wrote: [ -> ]uh, what's a virtual youtuber?
more importantly what is an Agemthread?
Megathread backward.

Edit: I've just realized I need to contact the author of "メイアライブ" in order to work with YOUR OWN avatars. Also, I've just downloaded VRoid Studio and perhaps I'll install later.

Another edit: FaceVTuber requires you just a browser and your webcam.

3rd edit: can't help myself w/o watching にじくじ
This is pretty interesting, this is the first time I've heard of virtual YouTubers. It seems like they're a relatively new development and have very little representation outside of Japan for now, although the broader concept of YouTube channels hosted by fictional characters is definitely not a new one. A particularly creative example that I think is really well done is Arlo, a gaming channel hosted by a puppet.