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Full Version: Would you prefer wearing masks to be socially acceptable?
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- You don't get judged by your face
- Hide your face and expressions, so you can laugh at a lame joke you suddenly remember or thought up anytime and not be judged, also do sarcastic smiles and eye-rolls as much as you want
- Masks become another way of expressing yourself as you can wear different styles

- You don't get to see expressions or face of others who wear masks
Oh you mean literal mask.

Couldn't you be judged for hiding your face anyway?
(2019-01-06 22:06:04)Crybaby Wrote: [ -> ]Oh you mean literal mask.

Couldn't you be judged for hiding your face anyway?

Not if it was socially acceptable as the premise assumes. So it's a question of if you couldn't.
This line of thought is one step away from fursuiting.
No. I want to see people's faces while I am talking. I also want others to see my own. I like socializing and talking with people.

It might be beneficial for shy people to use masks as a stepping stone for talking to people however, I am not too shy to show my face so this advantage doesn't benefit me.

Also, other people wearing masks would be detrimental to shy people because expressions give feedback. If a socially awkward person doesn't get feedback, they won't know when they do something right or wrong.

I think there are places where it is acceptable to wear "masks" of sorts. For example, I have seen quite a few asian people wear surgical masks and of course, the burqa in Islamic countries.
No. Bring on the judgement!
there would probably be an increase in crime
No, there's a severe security risk to this. That's why it's actually forbidden in many places.
yeah, sometimes i wake up looking like a potato