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Sad Damn it, coronavirus...!
Posted by: queha - Today 12:06:49 - Forum: Blogs - No Replies

It made our college close until May, and I gotta look for something to study.

Obtw in Japan schools begin in April every year, but last night my mother and I saw the important announcement and got shocked.

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  An attempt to understand how Grass (esolang) works.
Posted by: queha - Yesterday 07:57:38 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (2)


The following program is said to output a single 'w'.


Syntax check
w and WWwwww: <abs>
WW and wwww: <app>

Perhaps the program's C_0 is represented as: C_0=Abs(1, C)::nil where C=App(2, 4)::nil.

original description Wrote:I ::= App(n, n) | Abs(n, C)

Well, whatever. Let C_0 be Abs(1, App(2, 4)::nil)::nil.


(C_0, E_0, D_0)
= (Abs(1, App(2, 4)::nil)::nil,
   (App(1, 1)::nil, nil)::(nil, nil)::nil)
     = (Abs(n, C')::C, E, D) -> (C, (C', E)::E, D) (because n=1)
= (nil,
   (App(2, 4)::nil, Out::Succ::w::In::nil)::Out::Succ::w::In::nil,
   (App(1, 1)::nil, nil)::(nil, nil)::nil)
     = (nil, f::E, (C', E')::D) -> (C', f::E', D)
= (App(1, 1)::nil,
   (App(2, 4)::nil, Out::Succ::w::In::nil)::nil,
   (nil, nil)::nil)
     = (App(m, n)::C, E, D) -> (C_m, (C_n, E_n)::E_m, (C, E)::D)
        where E = (C_1, E_1)::(C_2, E_2):: ... ::(C_i, E_i)::E' (i=m,n)
= (App(2, 4)::nil,
   (App(2, 4)::nil, Out::Succ::w::In::nil)::Out::Succ::w::In::nil,
   (nil, (App(2, 4)::nil, Out::Succ::w::In::nil)::nil)::(nil, nil)::nil)
     = (App(m, n)::C, E, D) -> (C_m, (C_n, E_n)::E_m, (C, E)::D)
        where E = (C_1, E_1)::(C_2, E_2):: ... ::(C_i, E_i)::E' (i=m,n)

At this point I am stuck now. I know (C_2, E_2) is Out and (C_4, E_4) is w at this point.
But what do you mean by C_2 and E_2 respectively?

= (C_2,
   (nil, (App(2, 4)::nil, Out::Succ::w::In::nil)::Out::Succ::w::In::nil)
      ::(nil, (App(2, 4)::nil, Out::Succ::w::In::nil)::nil)
      ::(nil, nil)

Does anyone get it how it goes after? Can anyone explain us how Grass works?

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  Why does money never make you happy?
Posted by: queha - Yesterday 01:20:02 - Forum: Random Discussions - Replies (1)

Seeing people saying money is everything, I don't get it. Having some money, I have no ideas its usage well. Seeing people trying to gain more money to break their health, I find it insane.

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  Maduro Bounty
Posted by: Residays - 2020-03-28 19:29:46 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (1)

Hey I figured I'd post something that's actually probably interesting.

The department of justice, aka the united states put a bounty on Maduro and some other corrupt venezuelan figures.

Whoever gets them arrested will get paid $, Getting maduro arrested would get you 15 million dollars.

It's day 3, two figures have turned themselves in to the USA already, Hugo Carvajal and Cliver Alcala if you guys wanna look it up.

I hope that we get out of this mess soon, you guys have no idea how painful this dictatorship is.

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Posted by: Residays - 2020-03-28 19:25:25 - Forum: Forum Games - Replies (7)


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  Am I going towards to become a virtual something?
Posted by: queha - 2020-03-28 14:31:24 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (1)

I saw Live2D Cubism works properly on my laptop Arch Linux is installed, as I posted before. But actually the software needs to be connected with some networks to check license confirmation, and the software tried to run automatically but failed. Since I thought it strange, I uninstalled the software.

Then yesterday I remembered Live2D and saw you need to draw your assets as a PSD file. Never did I know GIMP exports to such the format. Then drew like below:

Then, I reinstalled Live2D Cubism and ran. It said that java.exe had stopped working and I decided to re-uninstall Live2D Cubism since I had no ideas how to fix. Should I have learnt the usage of WINE more?

Today I tried to purchase FaceRig to capture motion of my face and reflect to my avatar, but FaceRig, as I have ever seen for some times, runs on Windows only. In addition to a laptop with Arch Linux is installed, I have a desktop computer with Windows 10 is installed. However, the machine is on my another house now, together with two webcams and a microphone (though I have a earphone with microphone here). ...Hmm.

PS. Confessed my mother that I'd like to buy FaceRig and showed her the demo videos, and she easily allowed to see how much it was. WTF this PS is.

Second PS. Saw some notes about VTubers on I'd like to ask myself now, "is the thing I'd like to do is just show people my avatars I have ever used, or what? Do you really think showing myself with some avatars doing something would be an interesting, funny, or good contents and make myself happy? Also does what I'd like to sound like a blog? Don't you care for number of views, viewers, and subscribers? You have seen so many famous livestreamers, and most of they belong to a company; doers it never make me sad? Why are you getting bored to see their contents? Etc." First of all should I list what I'd like to do? Then gotta determine what to do next.

Third PS. "Would I fight against Game-bu Project or what? Would I, in contrast, act several avatars?" "Can itbe a good idea to count to 10 in several languages, make it videos and publish?" "Do you really think that my old fellow still remember me, with completely different name and different appearance?" "Is what I'd like to just a hobby or a job?" "Why did gaming videos and livestreaming bore me?" "Can the technology be an educational content?" "Can my contents gather some experts?" "Who on earth would I like to view my contents?" "Experiment? Hobby? Business? Or what?"

Forth PS. Why must they get forced to care for their popularity?

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  Do I have additional obligations?
Posted by: queha - 2020-03-28 12:39:51 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (1)

Last time I thought improving international relationship and prevent people from overworking are ones of my special obligations, but these days I think as if following are, too:

  • to apologize some members of two groups of virtual video posters: Game-bu Project (run by Unlimited) and Idol-bu (one of .LIVE, perhaps, run by Appland, if I remembered correctly) for not having noticed that they were harassed by their bosses and forced to quit, failing to blow whistle, and failing to be their fans.
  • to make as many people as possible happy.
  • to cure my mother's mental illness.
  • to fight against what are so-called "black companies" (companies to make their employees unhealthy, unhappy, mental-illness, and in the worst case, suicide).
  • to make as many people as possible shout out along others, "fight against laboring!" in order to fight against "black companies".
  • to... what else?

OBTW this is out of topic but perhaps I might like to have a new avatar rather than to become a new virtual something.

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  Today I found an NSFW magazine my father's previous wife had bought and left!
Posted by: queha - 2020-03-27 09:51:53 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (4)

Today my mother and I cleaned up my father's room filled with lots of dust and garbage. Then we found a magazine. It said to have been published in 1996 (I think), when my father's previous wife's daughter used to be 5, and said lots of topics about sexing. Additionally we found a page had a doodle; the page had some advertisements and one of them, circled with ballpoint pen, said that you could borrow some sarakin (never knew that the word existed without translated) up to five million yen. I learned how evil that woman was. My mother told me how that woman had made my mother mental illness when she was pregnant and soon after I was born.

Also we told my father that we threw that magazine away, but we haven't yet because when that woman were to appear somewhere, we would like to show her the thing and shout out my mother's experiences in front of her and many people.

OBTW that woman used to waste lots of money for some beauty, according to my mother. She told me that that woman preferred men with more money more than her daughter. And the daughter also learned lots of sexing topics, if I remember what my mother said correctly.

We have found out that woman's FB account before, and we saw some posts of spending so much money, with her face.

I was strongly said not to get relationship with that woman.

Also why had my mother had to clean those with no one's helps?

TLDR? That woman made lots of sarakin, then made my mother to repay those debt. My father forced my mother to work on sex shops, and that happened when my mother had been week. This is how my mother had mental illness.

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  pirate cat in minecraft
Posted by: ProClifo - 2020-03-24 14:40:09 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (2)

I just made a pirate cat skin in Minecraft. What do you think?

[Image: eV8ob71.png]

I should probably add some shade to it later on

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  Recently I found out my favorite group of idols.
Posted by: queha - 2020-03-21 11:28:59 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (4)

It's called Strawberry Prince. Today the livestream of a live with hashtag #すとぷり無観客ライブ生配信 was streamed.

When did I find the being of the group at first? Perhaps when I used to be tweeting and finding the trends of the day one day, if I remember correctly. Then, Jel's lots of comedies made me lofl a lot. After then, found my favorite song called Welcome back Love. ...What a difficult thing for me to remember and tweet how I have been interested in Strawberry Prince.

Ps. This is the link to the livestream

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