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  Future of this forum
Posted by: Captain of the Inks - Today 03:29:44 - Forum: Blogs - No Replies

It's been a while since I've been here, but it seems like this place is still pretty active. To cut to the chase, this website still costs me about $20/mo to run, and considering I haven't used this forum in probably over a year now, it's an expense I can no longer really justify. Obviously I don't want to leave everyone hanging, so I'll try to give people some time to figure out what the best options are:

1. Have someone help pay for the expenses. I don't mind this, but I don't think the support for it really exists. 
2. Just shut the whole forum down. I obviously don't like this one, since people seem to use it. 
3. Transfer the data to someone else somehow and let them run it. Volunteers? 
4. Something else? Let me know, I probably haven't thought of everything.

Please let me know what option you like, or if you have any other thoughts/suggestions.

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  Deleted some old posts
Posted by: GodJob - 2019-03-22 14:47:27 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (5)


I used to be such an idiot

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  Competitive Programming
Posted by: Verdusk - 2019-03-22 13:53:04 - Forum: Technology and Computers - Replies (6)

Competitive programming (CP) is a kind of sport where you solve problems with programs. That is, you are given problems and you attempt to make programs that solve those problems.

An extremely easy example would be the addition of 2 numbers problem, you are given 2 numbers and your program will need to output the added value of the 2 numbers. Note that we don't necessarily know what the 2 numbers will be, your program will be required to output the correct answer for any inputs they may test your program with. You won't know what those inputs will be, only the range (the input will be within what we call the given constraints, for example 0 <= a, b, <= 10^9)

There are competitions for solving these problems, where you get points for each problems that you solve, and you get more points for the less time and attempts (program submissions) you take to solve them. Most of these competitions are online through websites, though some on-site competitions exist, like the ICPC which is for undergrads.

But even if you don't choose to compete and solve problems under the pressure of time limits, you can also of course just solve the problems outside contest, as an exercise, which can actually be quite fun too, because these problems tend to be quite interesting, as the nature of the problem can vary quite greatly.

What's so great about these problems, in my opinion, is because for the most part, it requires logical thinking than just knowledge, making them more like riddles instead of trivia. You get to be creative and get rewarded for innovations, rather than punished for not knowing or memorizing things. It's not like math and physics exams in a lot of places where most of your effort goes to memorizing methods and formulas. Knowledge of algorithms and data structures will often be necessary, but the hardest part is usually on the innovative thinking on how we can use these things to solve the problem. There's usually no problem that only requires you to implement a well-known algorithm - there'll be a catch, you'll have to adapt it to the problem at the very least, if not create your own algorithms.

So some of you may know that I used to make games as a main hobby (Jiggshot and more), but what I eventually realized is that I kind of cut corners and avoid the hard stuff when making games - that is, I usually only make games that are easy to program. I ended up not even knowing some basic stuff, like Stacks. In part because I never needed them, but also because to some extent I steered away from the situations that would require me to learn new stuff.

But then I started doing competitive programming and this made me learn a lot of stuff - mostly data structures and algorithms and their implementations, and now a lot of stuff that used to be intimidating, like recursive functions and pathfinding, becomes a lot less so. There's a lot of controversy regarding whether competitive programming helps you improve, but in my experience, it's made me learn a ton of stuff. (People often argue it makes you write unreadable code, skip good practices and not think of the long term planning - but I think that only happens if you don't distinguish between coding for CP and for projects)

So yeah, this is what I've been up to lately, I think it's cool and you might wanna give it a try if you're into programming.

Here's an easy problem example so you can see what it's like:

That website, Codeforces, is my number one recommended website for CP problems and contests, it has thousands of high quality, varied problems, and you can sort by difficulty and tags to practice the kind of problem you want. The difficulty ratings are also pretty accurate in most cases, and they host contests consistently like 2 times a week introducing new problems everytime.

Most people use C++, some use Java (including me), only a few use Python for CP.

Anyway, let me know if you give it a try and what you think of it ^^

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  Can we prompte cashless society to those hating payment cards?
Posted by: SouthAnd960 - 2019-03-22 10:43:20 - Forum: Random Discussions - Replies (3)


My mother has a card, but she strongly would like to return to the store because she can't remember how to charge at all and she think it very complicated.

I, also, seem not to be interested in the topic. So far I have ever had prepaid cards in my life.

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  Nice, rice
Posted by: Verdusk - 2019-03-21 21:33:52 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (5)

Long story short, a lot of (bath) water poured out from my bathroom towards my bedroom (for some reason the bathroom is on higher ground), because the drain was clogged with hair so the water just flowed to the other lower place.

[side note - the bathroom is separate the toilet which is in another, very small room, so the water isn't that nasty]

Worst part is that I didn't notice this until I exit the bathroom (and I spent pretty long time this particular time, relaxing in the tub), and got my modem, router, PC charger and electric piano cable plug wet. It was quite a lot of water, a long bath's worth of water spreading across the not-that-spacious room, and took quite a while to remove the water from the floor with a towel. And because I was half asleep it took me a while to realize I had to unplug the cables too.

So you probably see where this is going, I submerged the electronics in rice to drain the water away from them, especially considering the air being quite humid so it would take a long time to dry them otherwise. Fortunately, this time it worked, despite the fact that I unplugged them quite late, maybe because they weren't that soaked considering the water level was low. The modem was the closest to the bathroom and likely took in the most water, I'm glad it's alright since it's provided by this room I'm renting and not my own which would complicate things if I broke it.

The submerging-in-rice was 23 hours long, so I blew away one holiday day because of this silly incident, instead spending the time playing old mobile games.

And I had to use a lot of rice too to submerge all that, I seriously considered returning the rice to the container (i.e. using it to cook later), but decided not to (gotten dirty in that it's mixed with some nasty stuff from the floor), wish I could donate them to FreeRice or something instead of throwing them away

But yeah ultimately I'm glad nothing seems to be broken, everything's working fine so far

Gotta buy some more rice later.

Never let your bathroom floor remain clogged, folks

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  I broke MTG...
Posted by: FinalCheetah - 2019-03-16 20:34:19 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (9)

...with exponential combos. Imagine sitting through this combo playing out for 20 minutes. lol

[Image: yndkXW9.jpg]
[Image: FWGBc08.jpg]
[Image: ik6XAaW.png]
[Image: zkBgguS.jpg]

My opponent strangely didn't concede after that, but he sure did die both in the game and inside. The End.

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  What the fuck?
Posted by: ProClifo - 2019-03-15 10:13:59 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (11)

All websites are down for me, except for Acid Forums. I even tried switching to my mobile network. Same deal. What the fuck is going on?

Please, somebody talk to me. I feel lonely. For some weird ass reason, this is the only place on the Internet I have access to.

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  Avatar Request
Posted by: Famknight - 2019-03-14 19:30:21 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (10)

Can someone make me an avatar please? I am not so good with drawings but a lot of the members here are.

The avatar needs to have Flash (DC superhero) in it with text underneath written FläSH. A red background would be appreciated! I don't have anything to pay you so sorry about that. Thank you!

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  Alone In The Dark
Posted by: Residays - 2019-03-14 00:55:28 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (4)

Well, my stress over this is really big, but I'll just inform you about what's going on.

The power died between 5 to 7 PM last Thursday, and returned in my area at sunday 11:30 PM.

This blackout/power outage was in the ENTIRE COUNTRY. As far as I know some areas still don't have power, and some get it but loose it and so on.

Right now my internet is off and on, but I've had power for a while, it died earlier today but returned very quickly.

Oh yeah, the government said the "empire" (The United States) caused this with a cyber attack, etc etc. Classic Propaganda.

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Posted by: Robin Hood - 2019-03-12 04:20:15 - Forum: Games - Replies (1)

I'm not good at explaining games, so I'll take the description from the Steam page:

Quote:Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure inspired by Pokémon. Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem, battle other tamers, customize your house, join a friend's adventure or explore the dynamic online world.

What do you think of this game? I personally think it looks pretty cool, and it would be neat to see a competitor to Pokémon.

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