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  Do you live in a shithole?
Posted by: ProClifo - Yesterday 14:35:02 - Forum: Forum Games - Replies (15)

According to the current White House administration, this is a map of all the shithole countries in the world. Where do you live and is it a shithole?

[Image: HG8VBRc.png]

As a Norwegian I'm proud to not live in a shithole. When Norway sends its people, they're sending their best.

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  Why are Koreans so dumb that can't reunite themselves by themselves?
Posted by: SouthAnd960 - Yesterday 12:13:05 - Forum: Random Discussions - Replies (3)

Though this is a racism, but why are Koreans so dumb that can't reunite their nations by themselves?

But first, is the theory correct in the first place?

I have heard that they would make a co-team on the Olympic, but many people all over the world complain it because it'd be unfair for other teams, right?

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  Have you done the Tide Pod Challenge?
Posted by: David - 2018-01-19 23:01:18 - Forum: Random Discussions - Replies (17)

If you don't know what the challenge is, it's when you try to eat a Tide Pod. Here's what Tide Pod's look like: 

[Image: tide-pods-split-tease-today-160610_73c7e...0630cc.jpg]

Tide Pods are just an alternative to powder or liquid laundry detergent. Tide Pods became a meme earlier this year with people joking about eating them and now it's reached the point of becoming an actual eating challenge

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  Nintendo games that scared you as a kid
Posted by: IcyMind - 2018-01-19 01:15:55 - Forum: Random Discussions - Replies (3)

Nintendo games that scared you as a kid

Most people that played nintendo games at a young age probably encountered some stuff that scared them, or at least made them uncomfortable. I'm going to make a list below of the things I remember affecting me the most. I've been playing nintendo games since the age of 5, so I was pretty young to say the least when I started playing.

N64 - Yoshi's Story

Probably one of the games that scared me the most due to how young I was when I first played this, probably around 6 years old. This game is really easy to progress in without seeing much of each level, however this game has so much scary stuff in it for being a bright, colorful, and kid-friendly game. The things that scared me the most where the red and blue giant cheep cheeps in stage 4-2 that instakill you. You can't avoid the section with the fish either if you want to complete the level. I remember the red fish was about to eat me one of the first times I played it, and I paused the game, then turned off the console to avoid the situation. I also got really scared by the lava stages, underwater stages, and all the castle stages. If you've ever played this game as a kid you'll know what I mean.

SNES - Super Mario Bros. 3 (All Stars)

This is very minor, but this was one of the first games I played at age 5, and when I finally got to the 8th world I was slightly scared by the theme of the world. It took me quite a while to beat the first autoscrolling ship stages, but when I finally beat them I got to the screen where you can randomly get dragged down by hands on the world map. I had no idea what it was the first time, so I tried to move over the area and got dragged down while the screen started flashing. Probably the first time a video game scared me a lot.

N64 - The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This game I'm sure many have experienced fear from if played at a young age. This game has a lot of scary monsters, and I think the re-deads are the most common enemy to scare people. I did get frightened by them the first few times, but I actually got used to them pretty quickly. I was a bit older when playing this as well, around 7 or 8 I think. The worst part about this game for me were the wallmasters that first appear in the forest temple. I had no idea what was happening when I had a shadow above me, so I just kept going until a cutscene played where a hand was lifting me up towards the ceiling and the screen went black, then put me at the start of the dungeon. That was actually enough to make me quit the game for years before playing again. Skulltulas were really scary too when they came out of nowhere.

N64 - Super Mario 64

The piano.

Also whenever a game crashed/froze with really loud sound I would panic lolz

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Posted by: Matt - 2018-01-18 07:50:40 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (6)

Just dropped a collab with my brother ZAR, he really snapped on it:

First verse: ZAR
Second verse: me

Would 'preciate it if you could give dat a listen and show love we spent a lot of time on it lol. This shit really got my mood up ay

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  Escape From Oblivion 2 stuff
Posted by: FinalCheetah - 2018-01-16 20:37:53 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (10)

Oh ayy, yeah I'm still working on this. If people are wondering what this is then, here was the first host. Da fred

I got a few teasers though since someone asked me how this was progressing. So without further ado, here are most of the changes. Probably not a good read if you don't like learning about the technical aspects, but oh wells. Still working on the program, the battle logic is providing more difficult than expected. I don't have examples yet because the program doesn't even have an easily usable interface yet.

tl;dr nerfs nerfs nerfs AWESOMES nerfs nerfs.

Here's some spoilers if you guys are into that.

Class Tier 1 Skill List Prototype (Yeah sorry but pastebin fucked up some of the formatting. It took long enough to extract it from the game file so nyehhh.)

Class progression:

Escape From Oblivion 2 changes

Character Specific Stuff:

Level ups:
Players choose a new 'Class' every 10 levels. These Classes gain new skills at level 1, 4, 7 and 10. A progression map of the first tier of classes is available at the end of this post. The Classes are split up into beginner, intermediate and advanced playstyles. Be rewarded for whatever you choose in the way of useful skills. This allows players to synergize their character's abilities better.

Random rewards for level ups have been removed. Instead each class gains fixed stats each time they level up. While I liked the random system, it was creating quite a big power gap between players of an equal level. This allows me to tailor the encounter list for maps towards players a little easier than before.

Each point of armour doesn't always reduce damage by one. Instead there are diminishing returns using this equation: n = n(n - 1) /2 + 1
So for example, if you have 5 Armour stat, it would reduce all damage by 3. If you have 20 Armour stat, it would reduce all damage by 6. The remaining points of armour acts as a buffer against effects that rend your armour. For those that are not mathematically minded, click the spoiler.

Armour equipments have much more armour stat and scale better.

Like before, it doesn't protect against poison or irresistible attacks, but it does reduce burn damage.

All these status effects now use the n = n(n - 1) /2 + 1 equation to work out the effect of them. The nth term is called 'intensity' for disambiguation while the amount of a status effect is referred to as 'stacks'. 4 stacks of poison have 3 intensity.

Most status effects decay by 1 for each combat round. 2 if resistant, 3 if very resistant, 4 if extremely resistant.

Poison is completely unchanged and is still irresistible damage.

Burn stacks are multiplied by 3 before the intensity of the effect is worked out. Armour stat reduces burn stacks before they're applied with 20% effectiveness.

Shock no longer reduces the die roll, but reduces opponent's attack multiplier by 10% per intensity of the shock.

Energy Shield:
Regenerates slower and is exclusive to the Adept class where it replaces the armour stat at a 1:1 ratio. Status effects act uniquely when affected by a charged energy shield. Poison simply ignores it. Burn is only half as effective against it. Shock deals damage equal to twice the intensity but doesn't reduce attack multiplier until it's depleted. Skills improve the energy shield and gives it utility as players progress through the magic classes. As before irrestible damage ignores energy shield.

Ability Points:
Players gain more every level up, so you know, they can actually use more than one per turn now!

Spell Points:
Unique to the Adept class path, these are used exclusively for casting spells, they regenerate 2 per game turn under normal circumstances. Spells are powerful skills that can be used before combat even begins, instead of having to wait for a second turn like in EFO 1.

No longer randomly given up on level up or buyable in shops. Some random events, or items, may give you additional skills. A skill trainer allows you to level up skills further, but is quite expensive.

Totally ripped out the gold system and replaced it with a Gain based one instead. Now when you win combats or land on Gold squares, you'll be rewarded with a number of 'Gains', which will make rewards a bit more consistent. Gains are simply entries in a table where the RNG picks from the options available which will change from map to map. There are various types of Gains, such as Gold, Equipment, Gem, Ring etc and a random chance for the Gain to be improved. It sounds complicated but will make perfect sense when people see how it works.

Healing potions now have instant effects instead of working over a number of turns. Ability potions still use the old system. Hybrid potions removed. Spell potions restore spell points but they're more expensive than other kinds.

Map specific changes:

Map Size:
Maps are now smaller.

Early Finish Bonus:
Removed in favour of the loot board system.

Loot Board:
Every map has a loot board like the one I trialed near the end of EFO 1's lifetime. First come first served! 1st to finish gets 4 loots, 2nd, 3 loots, 3rd 3 loots, everyone else gets 2.

Nemesis System:
After the first map, players can pick a Nemesis trait for the next map, most of the time this will make the next map considerably more dangerous, but allows the players to earn extra picks on the loot board. Such traits could include every encounter being 1* higher to Oblivion focusing its attacks on you more often.

Gold Square:
Uses the Gain system.

Crossroads Square:
Pathfinding 1 skill allows players to stop on this square to change their route instead of passing it if they wish. Pathfinding 2 skill allows you to change routes without even stopping, all remaining movement continues that turn.

Event Square:
They are more... eventy... some events will require you to roll 3 6 sided dice in order to get a good effect, failure results in a bad one. Some skills influence how this gamble works in the player's favour.

Oblivion Square:
More mean effects have been added, such as Oblivion instantly attacking the player landing on this space, or being thrown into a 6* encounter that you cannot flee from.

Settlement Square:
These are now bigger than 1 square, sometimes even 3 or 4 in size. Pathfinding 1 skill allows players to stop regardless instead of passing. Players will always be taken to the furthest point of a Settlement to continue their journey north.

Artifact Square:
To get the Artifact, you must complete a challenge before anyone else does. Sometimes this will be an event-like gamble, sometimes you must complete a special encounter, or maybe you'll just simply have an awful curse placed upon you that lasts the entire map. Landing on this square first doesn't guarantee you the Artifact, it simply gives you more time to obtain it. Wanderer Class gains an advantage in this regard, but are difficult to play.

Corruption Square:
Instead of dealing damage, they reduce your maximum HP for the current map depending on how many *s are on the square. Yes, they are mean.

Portal Square:
You don't need to stop on this square if you have Pathfinding 2 skill, you simply continue moving through it.

Increased Movement Square:
Removed. Instead there is the Extra Roll square, which makes you immediately roll again for movement.

Arena Square:
You duel a random player upon landing on this square. You will battle for the standard 5 combat rounds. The one that deals the most damage wins. If you win, you get to steal 25% of the player's gold and a random unequipped item. If you lose, nothing happens. Neither player suffers HP damage.

Empty Square:
These spawn normally now, but also appear when artifacts are taken, or when Oblivion nukes squares. Scavengers can use their Gold Digger skill to dig up items, but this transforms the square into a Depleted Square...

Depleted Square:
More empty than an Empty Square.

Confusion Square:
When you move next turn, you move backwards instead.

Map Specific Squares:
From poison clouds to paths that unexpectedly switch up on you, each map will feel more unique than ever before.

Gain Squares:
There's not just Gold Gain squares any more, you can land on Gain Equipment squares etc. They turn into depleted squares when landed on though unlike the Gold ones.

Equipment and Item Changes:

Added one extra rarity. Items in this rarity are procedural generated, so could be AWESOME or complete trash. I'm calling this, the Chaos rarity. Artifacts are no longer have random stats and effects.

These increase in value for every map completed, but they exist to be sold regardless.

New to EFO 2, heavy weapons. They have more attack power, but usually some sort of drawback... unless you're a Warrior. Higher rarity weapons are more common and due to the nerfs, their effects are far more vast and varied.

These have vastly increased armour stats thanks to diminishing returns. They are also cheaper than in EFO 1.

You can now equip as many rings as you want!!!! But you can't equip the same ring twice. Each ring decreases your Maximum HP or have other naughty effects while worn. This will replace the On CRITICAL on random level ups that we had in EFO 1.

So far the items file has 400 items in it. ITEMS.

Technical Stuff:

I'm seeking to include as much automation as possible with the EFO program so combats don't take 3 hours to resolve. This means the game can afford to be a little more complex with the under the hood systems.

Game Awareness:
The program will be more aware about the state of the game, players will be considered entities and have their stats saved with each use. (Which wasn't even the case with Grid Wars) This means less errors provided there are no bugs. Save files can be easily edited and are parsed on load by the program. I must be careful not to expose too much to the program, for this will greatly increase the time I need to spend on it. D:

Databases for items/skills:
These are already done, but they are incredibly easy to edit to allow changes to be swiftly made.

Ease of Use:
The program will be easy to use so other people can host it. More information on this when I start working on the interface, which will be after I'm done with the combat logic.

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  It was my birthday yesterday
Posted by: Dangevin - 2018-01-16 10:36:14 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (11)

ye. I'm 20 now.

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Exclamation Will the PyeongChang Olympic seriously be held?
Posted by: SouthAnd960 - 2018-01-15 13:10:57 - Forum: Random Discussions - Replies (10)

Today I found the news that the PyeongChang Olympic might be cancelled. This is because PyeongChang locates near the border of double Korea and might be dangerous.

For example, as some of you know, the Russian team, whose has the most gold medals, doesn't have the permission to join it because of doping.

That's not all. France declared that they won't dispatch their players if Korea is in danger. So did Australia. So did Germany.

South Korea is discouraged, don't you think so? So Moon, the president, tries to have North Korea join. He had a plan to hold in both South and North Koreas.

But North Korea launched missiles in last July as if it sneered his plan.

And the most importantly, the ticket is too expensive for people, which makes people uninterested in Olympic. Also, it's seriously cold in PyeongChang.

Can the PyeongChang Olympic seriously be held?

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  Effects of JV on my life
Posted by: pat - 2018-01-15 08:37:07 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (13)

Hey guys, I was Patman/patssruel12/pat on jv haha. I log in like once every 3 months or so to see what's going on but it's usually not much. JV used to be my "internet home" where I would go to talk to people I knew and loved (or hated), and play pr3 sometimes I guess. I would legit be on that shit (along with acid chat and skype sometimes) every fuckin day and I loved like 90% of it. I made some good ass memories (noob.txt, that one fucking game on acid when you would put random letters and you had to make an acronym from it, fantasy football, etc) and definitely do not regret how much time I spent here.

Just a quick update on me; I am now in my junior year at UF for Civil Engineering. I'm doing an abroad internship in France this summer, work at Target right now haha, and I've had a girlfriend for about a year and a half. Those are the cherrypicked positive highlights of my life, and surely there are some fucking pitfalls, but overall things are well. 

I think about the JV community occasionally though. There were artists, musicians, singers, athletes (i think lmao), stoners, geniuses, mathematicians, fucking idiots, and everything in between.  Grade school was a weird fucking time, and joining JV was a godsend for me to navigate through it. I had friends that were with me through some of the bizarre situations that were brought upon by the tragedy that was middle school and early high school kinda.

The greatest thing I owe to JV, though, is my confidence. Like most people, I was REALLY fucking unsure of myself when I joined JV. Like, I was a complete chump man lmfao. I didn't talk to anyone, never made any effort to meet people, and generally just shelled myself off from the world. Joining JV's hard to say that I wouldn't have outgrown my shell anyway, but JV really helped me understand how similar other people were to me. I was always skeptical of others because of the outward portrayals I was accustomed to, which generally tend to be misrepresentations of people's personalities. Being able to break down that wall and see people for who they are with in-depth discussions daily made me realize how fucking cool that kid in the back of the class could be. Even the loud asshole making rude comments throughout lecture could be an alright guy. 

I learned a lot about myself, too; I learned that I love sports and I love politics and I love math and I have a neutral opinion on Ariana Grande haha. All this shit that started from a stupid fucking game with blocks. It's pretty wild to think about. My interviewer for my internship asked me "how the communities around me have affected who I've become today" and I didn't even think of JV until right now. 

I didn't really type this out with any real message; it's just kind of a brain dump. Maybe I just want to say thanks. I don't know. 

and not to end this on a bad note or anything but even though this post was nostalgia ridden some of you were fucking assholes and I hate you, especially you v for vendetta you piece of fuck i hope you never log on to this website

but everyone else ily

ight bye

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  i should have watched football today
Posted by: coolcold - 2018-01-15 02:26:23 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (10)

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