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  What do you do when you're feeling sad?
Posted by: Mystery - Today 09:44:04 - Forum: Random Discussions - Replies (1)

I'm not sure if this was made already, but oh well.

When you're feeling sad, what's something you'll do that cheers you up?

I know when I'm sad, I will listen to some happy music or watch a funny show or video.

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  Ex-Con Skips Job Interview, Jumps Off Bus And Saves The Life Of Car Crash Victim
Posted by: Mystery - Today 09:32:57 - Forum: Random Discussions - No Replies

I thought this story was amazing, and wanted to share it.

Quote:Last Thursday, the 32-year-old from Bridgeport, Connecticut, was on his way to a job interview at a nearby Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.
While on the city bus, he was startled to see a car hit a tree and flip over. The bus driver quickly hit the brakes and came to a stop.
"Are you going to help?" he shouted to the bus driver. "No, but if you get out I'm going to leave," the driver replied, explaining that he had to stick to his route.
Tucker jumped off the bus and sprinted toward the totaled car, which was upside down and spewing smoke. He knelt down next to the passenger-side window and saw the driver covered in blood.

"The guy had a lot of blood coming from his head," Tucker told CBS News.
He unbuckled the man's seat belt and dragged him away from the vehicle as it started to catch on fire.
"You're going to be all right," Tucker repeated to the man as they lay on the pavement. "Your family wants to see you. Keep your eyes open."
Tucker missed his job interview in order to stay with the man until an ambulance arrived. The man was taken to Norwalk Hospital and was in stable condition as of Wednesday, the Westport News reported.
"I feel like a job can come and go, but a life is one time thing," Tucker said. "The job just wasn't in my mind at that time."

Community members who read a local news story about Tucker's heroic rescue decided to help the man turn his life around. They set up a GoFundMe page, raising more than $50,000 in just three days.
Tucker said any money he makes will go toward taking care of his family.
"I got locked up three weeks before my son was born," Tucker explained. "When he was born, I got a phone call from the hospital. I heard my son crying in the background, and right then and there I was like, 'I'm changing my life.'"

What do you think of this? Share your opinions.

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  RIP Chester Bennington
Posted by: Dootany - Today 09:27:03 - Forum: Blogs - No Replies

Lead singer of Linkin Park. Have been listening to Linkin Park for the longest time, losing an artist that had such an impact on your life is just so incredibly sad.

When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I've done
Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed
And don't resent me
And when you're feeling empty
Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest
Leave out all the rest

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  Tournament in PR3 today.
Posted by: John3 - Today 09:21:55 - Forum: Blogs - No Replies

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  Have you ever tasted your own semen?
Posted by: David - Today 08:17:41 - Forum: Random Discussions - Replies (2)

Have you ever gotten curious and tasted your own juice? What did you think of it? From what I understand the majority of guys have tried their splooge at least once in their life

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  Hosting a forum game
Posted by: Knighte - Today 07:56:17 - Forum: Blogs - No Replies

Care to join?

Also I was thinking of changing my username, any suggestions?

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Exclamation [OPEN] Acid Track Test Drive
Posted by: Knighte - Today 07:48:16 - Forum: Forum Games - Replies (4)

Welcome to the Acid test drive. In this game you will be competing against other racers in this exhibition match which is a precursor for a bigger race that I'm planning along the line hopefully it wont crash and burn. So for now it'll just be a regular race to the finish. If you have any suggestions for any ideas feel free to post them and I'll see what I can do. 

How the game works:
Every round you will move forward on the track based on speed (how many blocks you move on the map) and your goal is to get first place or destroy anyone in front of you. 
You will post actions every round, if no actions are posted you'll simply go forward in the same lane or you'll crash based on whats on the map(turns obstacles etc).
Your actions can range from 
  • changing lanes
  • turning
  • bumping into cars
  • blocking others from passing you by cutting them off 
  • using Nitro boost (2 uses only) 
  • Attacking with your cars weaponry
Who succeeds and who fails in their actions will depend of the stats your cars and drivers have. (basically if you have high enough numbers or team up with someone) You have the option to turn around and go head first in a game of chicken with the other cars if your crazy enough lol Try wacky plans, form alliances etc whatever you want, this is a test drive so I'll let you know before hand if it will work or not before you lock in your action for the round. The race will probably end within 14 rounds, so keep that in mind.The game will be updated daily(with breaks on Wednesday and Thursday)

Sign up status: Open

-Sign up form stats and what they do- (descriptions, drawings, theme songs, & whatever else are optional but would be fun to see)

Vehicle name:(anything)
Vehicle description:(anything but it must have wheels feel free to go nuts)

--Stats--(A total of 30 stat points will be given you may distribute these however you like among your ride and yourself)

Speed:(How many spaces you move forward on the track gets cut in half on turns but driver skill stats are added)
Nitro:(A temporary speed booster which will be added to your total speed for a turn can be used to avoid attacks)
Handling:(How nicely the car can shift lanes/dodge/turn)

Armor:(How much damage your car can take also every number 6 or higher will have a -1 speed effect on your car)
Weapons:(How much damage you can deal you can add as many as you like as long as it's under the 20 point limit)
Weapon range & speed:(How fast the weapon goes, how far you can shoot it from and the effected area)
Description:(Optional but fun, what does it look like, how do you attack?)

Driver stats
Skill(how well the you deal with problems on the track, this includes a boost to turning speed letting you drift and dodging skill)
Vehicle name:
Vehicle description:




Weapon range & speed:

Driver stats
Description/backstory/reason for entering/goal:


All descriptions are optional, if thats not your style heres a bare bones sign up form.

Vehicle name:

Vehicle description:


Weapon range & speed:



Driver line up (Your car number will be assigned based on your sign up order or you can specify a specific number if you like)

#1  Leopard Enthusiast driving s p e e d y b o y e
#2 Verdusk driving Scytheblade
#3 -
#4 -
#5 -

Starting line:
[Image: xJGcnWF.png]

if I get more than 5 drivers I'll increase the track size, you can also have custom avatars for the map but they have to be 50x50 pixels 
Example: [Image: RUvQITj.png]
If no avatar is provided you'll be given a default one with your racing tag #


Betting pool: (anyone who views the thread can bet on which racers are going to win, feel free to bet anything from fake sums of money or your pride whatever)

I hope I can get at least 5 people lol

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  Guess the songs
Posted by: Roshi - Today 05:49:32 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (3)

1. Mystery 14 points
2. Tuxi 7 points
3. Uptight 5
4. Luna 1 point

1. 9 points
2. 7 points
3. 3 points
4. 15 points
5. 3 points
6. 5 points

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  shadow warrior special edition free
Posted by: Stxtics - Yesterday 23:27:44 - Forum: Blogs - No Replies

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  To Know Anything Or To Know Nothing
Posted by: 960thousand - Yesterday 22:28:09 - Forum: Random Discussions - Replies (6)

Which is better?

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