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  Do I have additional obligations?
Posted by: queha - 2020-03-28 12:39:51 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (1)

Last time I thought improving international relationship and prevent people from overworking are ones of my special obligations, but these days I think as if following are, too:

  • to apologize some members of two groups of virtual video posters: Game-bu Project (run by Unlimited) and Idol-bu (one of .LIVE, perhaps, run by Appland, if I remembered correctly) for not having noticed that they were harassed by their bosses and forced to quit, failing to blow whistle, and failing to be their fans.
  • to make as many people as possible happy.
  • to cure my mother's mental illness.
  • to fight against what are so-called "black companies" (companies to make their employees unhealthy, unhappy, mental-illness, and in the worst case, suicide).
  • to make as many people as possible shout out along others, "fight against laboring!" in order to fight against "black companies".
  • to... what else?

OBTW this is out of topic but perhaps I might like to have a new avatar rather than to become a new virtual something.

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  Today I found an NSFW magazine my father's previous wife had bought and left!
Posted by: queha - 2020-03-27 09:51:53 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (4)

Today my mother and I cleaned up my father's room filled with lots of dust and garbage. Then we found a magazine. It said to have been published in 1996 (I think), when my father's previous wife's daughter used to be 5, and said lots of topics about sexing. Additionally we found a page had a doodle; the page had some advertisements and one of them, circled with ballpoint pen, said that you could borrow some sarakin (never knew that the word existed without translated) up to five million yen. I learned how evil that woman was. My mother told me how that woman had made my mother mental illness when she was pregnant and soon after I was born.

Also we told my father that we threw that magazine away, but we haven't yet because when that woman were to appear somewhere, we would like to show her the thing and shout out my mother's experiences in front of her and many people.

OBTW that woman used to waste lots of money for some beauty, according to my mother. She told me that that woman preferred men with more money more than her daughter. And the daughter also learned lots of sexing topics, if I remember what my mother said correctly.

We have found out that woman's FB account before, and we saw some posts of spending so much money, with her face.

I was strongly said not to get relationship with that woman.

Also why had my mother had to clean those with no one's helps?

TLDR? That woman made lots of sarakin, then made my mother to repay those debt. My father forced my mother to work on sex shops, and that happened when my mother had been week. This is how my mother had mental illness.

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  pirate cat in minecraft
Posted by: ProClifo - 2020-03-24 14:40:09 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (2)

I just made a pirate cat skin in Minecraft. What do you think?

[Image: eV8ob71.png]

I should probably add some shade to it later on

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  Recently I found out my favorite group of idols.
Posted by: queha - 2020-03-21 11:28:59 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (4)

It's called Strawberry Prince. Today the livestream of a live with hashtag #すとぷり無観客ライブ生配信 was streamed.

When did I find the being of the group at first? Perhaps when I used to be tweeting and finding the trends of the day one day, if I remember correctly. Then, Jel's lots of comedies made me lofl a lot. After then, found my favorite song called Welcome back Love. ...What a difficult thing for me to remember and tweet how I have been interested in Strawberry Prince.

Ps. This is the link to the livestream

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  tl;dr: my father bullied my mother this morning.
Posted by: queha - 2020-03-20 01:24:57 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (4)

Now we calmed down, I can describe what really happened calmly.

First of all, my parents got divorced in last October so as to make it easier for her to cure her mental illness. But in order to gain some money we something have to visit his house to help him with some works. Then she had overworked no matter what.
Then as many of you also do, we have heard and seen lots of news about coronavirus. They made her have neurosis.
This morning while having breakfast my mother talked about what we were gonna do: to take a walk. Then, he, with stupidly loud voice, shouted to her ears, "NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO, EVEN CONVENIENCE STORES AND SUPERMARKETS, MAY YOU CATCH THE VIRUS! THE BEST WAY IS TO STAY AT HOME ALL DAY, WITHOUT GETTING OUT AT ALL!" As a result she raged. Then he also raged us to get out of here.

Why does he say so although he alone go fishing and motorsports? Why does he try to restrict what we do?

PS. Have I ever said that my mother has been bullied for over 20 years, which is since before I was born? Why had my mother had to pay back lots of debts my father's previous wife made?

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  Mitt Romney made me so horny I pissed myself
Posted by: Ridley - 2020-03-18 05:48:02 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (2)

I still haven't changed my pants

I never want to forget this moment

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  Learning to use Emacs too?
Posted by: queha - 2020-03-13 14:23:22 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (1)

I am used to Vim, but is it a good idea to learn Emacs's usages too? Doesn't the editor war break out?

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  Saw Live2D works on my laptop using wine.
Posted by: queha - 2020-03-11 14:54:32 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (6)

Tried installing WITHOUT giving nothing to WINEARCH and WINEPATH.

Then installed successfully, and the editor works well, with items on menu bar and several text not shown properly.


Tried these. ...? What did I do when I installed AviUtl...?

$ alias
alias aviutl='WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/aviutl-wine32 wine /path/to/aviutl.exe'

PS. Tried to try $ winetricks cjkfonts, but quit because of it takes huge time to install.

Another PS. Tried rebooting but nothing changed.

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  Why must a virtual something have only an avatar?
Posted by: queha - 2020-03-09 04:24:51 - Forum: Blogs - No Replies

Remembering how I have done lots of activities on the internet with lots of different avatars and usernames, it's kind of a difficult question for me to decide only an avatar and a name.

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  what is a boomer
Posted by: Matt - 2020-03-08 00:24:25 - Forum: Blogs - Replies (5)

I called my friend Jamal a boomer and he called me an racist

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