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[PR3] Campaign Creation Contest
Campaign Creation Contest
Welcome to the official Platform Racing 3 Campaign Creation Contest thread!

For those that did not know, Ilraon has given me the rights of continuing on with the selection of Campaign Levels for Platform Racing 3 due to a few reasons. I hope that we can continue the search for the last 8 remaining campaign slots available!

Who Am I?
For those who do not know who I am, my username is Dangevin and I have been in the Platform Racing community since the 7th of October 2007. This gaming series is one of my favorite of all time and I always look into helping out with things relating to the series! I also am a moderator for PR2 and currently the Campaign Manager on PR3.

In the past, back when Platform Racing 2 was a bit more popular, I had created a contest named Level of the Week that helped sky rocket the flowing ideas of contests among the community. With the help of more than two dozen judges throughout the span of two years, we had a good run. Unfortunately with the website run by Jiggmin being out of service, I had lost everything relating to the contest, including the thread and the contents within it.

With that, I hope that I can do the newer fan-run version of Platform Racing 3 some good by helping with the expanding of its campaign.

Past Information
If you're interested to know what we're looking for and what we want to stay away from when determining the upcoming levels, this is a quote from Ilraon from his past Level-Creation Contest thread: (It is a bit outdated but it still applies)

Ilraon Wrote:

Anyway, I hope that we could possibly find a few judges to help out with selecting the levels so that we can have an unbiased opinion when picking these levels. This is something that I think would help improve the quality of levels or expand the styles and difficulties of gameplay within the campaign. If anyone is interested in helping out, make sure to PM me about it!

How We Decide
The stages of picking and selecting the levels will go as follows:

  1. The Nominations: This is where you can nominate your level into the contest with a limit of two levels per character. It does not matter if you already have a campaign level, but it will be really unlikely that your level is picked if you have a level in campaign.
  2. The Discussion: At this point, the judges and I will be playing every campaign level submitted thus far and making decisions on what levels appealed to us. Once we get to this phase, submissions for levels are closed. This phase may be livestreamed so that you can see my reaction to the level (it might be funny who knows).
  3. The Decision: The very final phase of selecting the levels will be determining our top 7 levels that will be put into the campaign. Each rule of the contest will be considered when we decide each level.

For those that are willing to participate and craft an amazing level for everyone to try out, we have decided to give away prizes for those that make the spectacular level submissions. These prizes are the following:
  • Top [b][No Determined Number Yet] Winners[/b] have their levels introduced into the Campaign of Platform Racing 3!
  • Top [No Determined Number Yet] Winning Submission Creators get a 3,000 EXP bonus added to their characters!
  • Stand Out Submission Creators get a 1,000 EXP bonus added to their characters! This can stack!

  • There will be 8 newly selected levels for campaign unless Isokissa3 decides otherwise, so there will be two phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2. Each Phase will introduce 4 new levels to the campaign.
  • There will be [No Determined Number Yet] newly selected levels that come out of Phase 4 so please be sure to submit your levels!
  • The level must be a traditional race nomination. I hope this is self explanatory.
  • The level must be a finished submission. Updating your level before the deadline is acceptable however!
  • The level must be over the length of a minute on a normal run. This helps eliminate troll nominations.
  • The level must not rely on item luck. Each individual item box must have one item set to them.
  • The level must not be a tutorial. We already have a tutorial level for newcomers!
  • The level must not have any controversial or inappropriate content within the level.
  • The level must be submitted before the [No Date So Far] for the 4th Phase. All levels submitted afterward will not be considered for Phase 3.

In Conclusion
I hope you all are as excited as I am to finally have more levels coming into the campaign! Please make sure to let people know about this contest so that we have more nominations and more of a variety of levels to choose from!
And with that,
Be Creative!!!

Click HERE to see the Phase 1 Winners!!

Click HERE to see the Phase 2 Winners!!

Click HERE to see the Phase 3 Winners!!


Not Updated as of Yet! Submit your levels!!
[Image: eiqkiq.png]
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