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Your views on the #Metoo movement
(2018-10-23 09:43:28)aaaaaa123456789 Wrote: Oh, this thing.
You described it pretty well, though. I'd say that actual victims aren't responsible for anything, but otherwise you hit the nail in the head.

This has gotten to the point where someone mentioning online that they have been sexually harassed by a public figure means nothing at all. I've heard of cases where someone claimed harassment because they were whistled at, once; of an actress playing a secondary role claiming molestation because the lead actor grabbed her butt and kissed her, despite this was all written in the script; of someone being accused of rape because they had (fully consensuated) sex with a 17-year-old girl (regardless of whether this is illegal or not, which I'm not sure of, this is simply NOT rape); and many other cases of either nothing or minor things, particularly of decades-old events, being discussed as sexual harassment.

There are real victims out there. Giving attention to these silly claims draws it away from the actual cases, and it makes rape seem "not that bad", when it's actually one of the worst experiences someone can undergo, even considered torture by some. False accusers, in particular, are some of the worst kind of people there could ever exist.

Maybe I was being harsh. There are legitimate reasons that people don't come forward, especially when the person that did it is in a position of power. While its usually the right thing to do, its definitely not easy. I can't say for certain that I would have to courage to come forward myself if I were in the place of a victim.

Its just that...a lot of the things that have to do with this movement frustrate me. Not long ago one of our politicians here in Canada (who was projected to win an election) was accused anonymously which caused him to drop out. One of the two accusers apparently later ended up changing their story. Here are two articles on the situation that I think sum it up well

And I 100% agree, its ironically normalizing these things.
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