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What are your new years resolutions for 2019?
(2019-01-06 00:39:07)Milkmann Wrote:
(2019-01-05 15:30:02)Ali Wrote: Well for me, my body is way more resilient to the cold, I go out without a jacket in cold weather and people look at me as if I am crazy.

Dang I have become less sensitive to the cold water, but haven't really ended up venturing out in the cold without warm clothing, maybe I'll see about that.

I only realized it when people say it is really cold and are wearing 2 sweaters while I am in my T-shirt.

As for the testosterone boost,

It does sound like bro-science. I haven't seen any evidence for it apart; I googled it and couldn't find a study saying that this was the case, people cited a study but didn't link it. 

I did find this article talking about the study in question, I actually recommend it despite being a fan of cold showers myself:

I also found this study after scrolling through some butthurt comments:

I'm too lazy to read it but I'm guessing it will talk about some of the benefits of cold showers. The same author also wrote an article about the benefits of cold showers and actually cites studies in it so I think its probably more trustworthy than the first results on Google:

I personally do it almost only for the mental toughness benefit (which is hard to argue against) and IMO that alone, is worth it.
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