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What is your favorite season?
Dry Season
- is dry
- is rly hot (30°C)
- makes you sweat all day everyday
- almost never rains

Rainy Season
- is rainy
- is cooler (28°C)
- rain is steroids to already horrible traffic, prepare to spend hours in your car without inching if you ever get stuck
- when the annual flood comes around, school's out
- rain sounds cool
- if your house is shitty you will get leaks

I generally like rainy season better since I don't go out much anyway, and it's cooler, and you get a few days off, and I like the sound of rain, sleeping in rain and eating warm food (instant noodles) in the rain is bliss.

[Image: wya6Fp3.png]

(I haven't lived long enough in four seasons region to know enough to decide on a preferred season)
I don't have a sicknature
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