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Acid Chat History
-- Acid Chat History --

2011/03/26 - This was the exact day that Acid Chat started. However, it wasn’t exactly called “Acid” and around this time we were in a different chat client called EWC (Everywhere Chat.) Back then, the chat was called “pr2sbest” and the site was called “Pr2 Elite”. The founder back then was different as well; the man who started it all was 1python64 (aka pything).
“pr2sbest” wasn’t the only chat name at the time Acid cycled through. Here are the names and in order that we moved as.

pr2sbest > courtyard > pr2sbest > arcane_lysergic_acid_diethylamide > acid

courtyard: This chat was made temporarily because pr2sbest had a password and… well no one really knew the password. It was also made because someone screwed up one of the commands.

arcane_lysergic_acid_diethylamide: This long hell of a name chat was where “acid” was deprived to shorten the name and it’d be easier to remember… Did not really last long as a chat in general.

acid: The forum and chat we all know and love today!

[Image: 3JhmOel.png]
April 17th 2011 in "courtyard"

There were also backup chats included as well in case the main chat temporarily shuts down, but only two were ever used; Xat chat and chatango. To this day both of these chats are unusable.

Forums Section

(No logo present)

Pr2sbest forums: Lasted exactly three days since the chat was opened. By the 29th of March, it was already dead

[Image: tjCR41b.png]

Pr2portal/GamersVoid: Lasted from June 10 to August 31; unfortunately was dropped due to lack of activity within the forums. Phenom (aka Jesse) was the one to start the forums

(No logo present)

Acid Chat Forums: Yes, there was one before Acid Forums. It lasted 2-3 months before it perished once again.


August 4 2011: When Pything left, aaaaaa123456789 was supposed to take charge over the chat while pything was away. However since ax6 was travelling at the time, Jesse/Phenom took over for the time being. Almost immediately, he renamed the chat “abyss” and tried to make it his own chat. As a result, a7x3 one of the members made chats “acid2” and “acidic” in protest. Eventually Phenom gave up and handed the authority to ax6 as agreed upon.

Zlining Incident: On November 13th 2011, Anne an incrop and a net admin in EWC zlined (meaning server banned by IP) certain members in the chat for arbitrary reasons (Example: being under 14, mentioning a certain website, complaining about the bans, etc) These below are the announcements related responding to the incident.

Announcement #7, posted 2011-11-14 2:50:16 UTC:
“I believe everybody knows the problems we've had recently. Morte, Pontoty, DirtBike, and who knows who else have been unfairly banned by the staff from EveryWhereChat, the company that hosts our current chat. Also, they have threatened to close several rooms -- and, despite I haven't been told anything, I personally feel like ours is at stake.

Therefore, I believe, we should use a new client. DirtBike had linked me to one that he administers, that works rather nicely. I am also open to suggestions.

What do you think? My email address ( is always open for emails if you want to tell me something about this.”

Annoucement #8, posted 2011-11-14 4:08:42 UTC:
“Guys, new chat. Go to if you aren't there already, refresh, and, from the "Chat mode" list at the bottom, select any of the ones that have "lightIRC" in them. Happy chatting!”

The day after, we migrated to a brand new chat client known as lightIRC to save ourselves the trouble from the staff in EWC. Later on the old chat client was removed….

Announcement #14, posted 2011-12-22 6:22:27 UTC:
Long time no announcement! Well, the very few times I actually managed to log in into the database, I had nothing to add. Anyway, removed EWC from the chat list, as you can see. I thought it was time for that already…

Special thanks to aaaaaa123456789 for providing and clarifying information. If there are any missing events or pieces of information, feel free to post on the thread so I could happily add them; pictures and screenshots are optional.
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Very nice ! I remember EWC. Personally I liked it better than IRC to this day. Courtyard room was a fun room to be in. When IRC came in I felt uncomfortable with the layout and that's why I drifted away from the chat.

Erhmm....Nice work Lighte.
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I kinda really wish I stayed on JV when the chat was made, maybe I would have been around/stayed around longer than I ended up from 2011-2013. But that's okay the chat is fun still.
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Wow Pr2 used to be so alive back then Sad
Can you make the text color not black?
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