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The Fanfiction Request Thread!
Note: I went into the web archive to find this thread from JV. Fortunately, the first page was archived, meaning the OP (including suggestions) was salvaged.. And sadly... thre rest of the thread was not. About 10 fan-fictions were lost. For the sake of sanity, I'm going to simply copy the OP. Changes will be made when some content from this forum is produced.

EDIT: Ringstaart found some archived, so I'm putting those in the OP.

Regardless of that, if you wrote a fanfiction on the JV version of this thread, and it isn't here yet, please post it here!

Warning: No smutfics allowed. Your fic may be romantic to some degree, but I suggest you ask permission of the user before you put them in a romantic fic with another user. This isn't only for following the rules, but it's also to promote and foster a safe fic environment where everyone is happy!

post all the smut you want and thank luro for this rule change

The Fanfiction Request Thread!

Hello, and welcome to the Fanfiction Request Thread! Where you, the reader, can request a fanfiction between Acid Forums members, or your favorite characters, and you, the reader, is also given the opportunity to respond to these fanfics, and even write some yourself!

This OP will be dedicated to documenting current fanfic requests, as well as finished fics. You may reserve a fanfic idea, and if this is actually in popular demand, I will add to the OP referring to which fic has been reserved, as well as the genre.

If you have already written a fanfic between Acid Forums members/any fics you want to share, you can post them here and I'll put them in the OP.

Types of fanfiction types you may be interested in reading/requesting:
  • Shipfic / Shipping (Example: Link x Zelda) - This is a romantic pairing fanfic between members. You should probably ask the users in this fanfic for permission to have them in a romantic pairing with another member!
  • Crackfic - A fanfic where ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING goes on! It's something absolutely bizarre, miscellaneous, random, out-of-the-blue, totally out of reality! Note: This is not an excuse for writing a smutfic! Those are not allowed!
  • Crossover fic - A fanfic between members of Acid Forums/Acid Chat and fictional characters, OR a fanfic between fictional characters and other fictional characters.
  • Darkfic - Generally a horror fic, and contains horror elements, and possibly even gore. It may not necessarily even be horror, and can be refer to gloomy atmospheres (a detective story, for instance) or sad fics.
  • OC fic - A fiction containing your original characters (for example, the characters portrayed in various Acid Forums comics, or specific characters pertaining to an Acid Forums member that is not necessarily the personification of that member) interacting with each other, with Acid Forums members, or with other fictional characters!
  • Challenge fanfic - Acid Forums Members may be interested in giving other Members some challenging imagery to relate to in their fiction, which characters to use, the vague series of events that happen, a certain technique in prose to use, etc etc, the list goes on! This is entirely compatible with any other types of fic. As well, if you are interested in requesting for me to write you a fic, there's a good chance I just might, provided it's not self-derogatory.

Completed Fanfics:

1. vfv hatefucks jiggmin by Skrilly - Audio Version (has been unfortunately removed by the user)
2. Dotime's computer being hacked a jver and everything that ensues - by Arcana
3. A lost and forlorn PooZy conquers a bear amidst the wilds and overcomes the Mongolian parliamentary republic by Skrilly
4. ax6 getting his dong stuck in his CD-drive while cybering and the impact it has on his life afterward by FinalCheetah
5. Touhou x Ursus and their spamming fantasies by Ringstaart
6. A day in the life of Skiba by Ringstaart
7. ax6 in the hunger games by Dutany
7. Someone turns into a microwave while someone else constantly laughs by Skrilly

Fanfic Requests/Suggestions:

1. Seitres: ax6 in the hunger games

2. Snubb: Tebbe x Snowmobile

3. Ꮓɘﬡαƨ: Snubb x Skrub

4. Blaze~: JV/Acid Forums in divergent

5. Generic Human Male: ax6 doing pro parkour

6. Generic Human Male: ax6 n usb hub boxing

7. SSKKIIWWAARRDD: Tutyla, spelling, with the NSA

8. NoHands: I'd like to see Ringstaart lose an argument.

9. Seitres: God appears to Rammjet and tells him to stop being an atheist. Then Rammjet tries to spread the word of God on JV/AF, but everybody thinks he is trolling.

10. Arcana: Arcana x I Eat Skrilleon using their comments in cheetah's blog as dialog

11. Ŕesare: Resare x I Eat Skrilleon "Mr 3-pair "

12: leopardenthusiast: someone turns into a microwave while someone else constantly laughs. I don't care who's involved in it

13. Famknight: Dotime vs Rammjet

14. Luro: hot finalcheetah and snubb bdsm with lots of spanking

15. MeloTurtle: Animebubble and Dev52 fanfic

16. Luro: have ariana grande fight beerd beekman

17. FinalCheetah: Also Snubb getting spanked by a horse eating trout.

18. VTM-1995: Ax6 X animebubble. They should reunite.

19. 420420420420$$$$$$$$$$$: me and usb hubs mom please

20. 8363MTR: For quite some time, 8363MTR wanted to ask Arcana to be his online boyfriend. Little does he know, but what everyone else knows, is that Arcana isn't interested because he has a boyfriend already. What would happen when 8363MTR popped the question? (I'm hoping that this would actually be a bit more of a comedy fanfic than a serious, romantic one.) Twist: Arcana's boyfriend is Rick, the asexual robot

21. Kursed: Acno being pope Francis irl and getting mad at the computer when these atheist nerds argue with him on JV

If you wish to request a fanfiction, simply state what kind, the characters involved, and, if possible, a setting/atmosphere/genre. Absolutely any member may take up your request!
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I'm still waiting on a day of Acno being pope Francis irl and getting mad at the computer when these atheist nerds argue with him on JV.
I got some from Google's cache, at

Written by PandorasFox, for Yu++'s request of "Dotime's computor being hacked a jver and everything that ensues"

Written by Skrill, for Ross' request of "A lost and forlorn PooZy conquers a bear amidst the wilds and overcomes the Mongolian parliamentary republic."

A recording of the VfV/Jiggmin fic:

Written by FinalCheetah, I think for Wessels' request about ax6:

Written by Ringstaart, for LeezuR's request of Touhou and Ursus' spamming fantasies:

Written by Ringstaart, if I remember correctly for Seitres' request of "a day in the life of Skiba"
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(2015-08-20 01:50:36)Ringstaart Wrote: I got some from Google's cache, at

Written by PandorasFox, for Yu++'s request of "Dotime's computor being hacked a jver and everything that ensues"

Written by Skrill, for Ross' request of "A lost and forlorn PooZy conquers a bear amidst the wilds and overcomes the Mongolian parliamentary republic."

A recording of the VfV/Jiggmin fic:

Written by FinalCheetah, I think for Wessels' request about ax6:

Written by Ringstaart, for LeezuR's request of Touhou and Ursus' spamming fantasies:

Written by Ringstaart, if I remember correctly for Seitres' request of "a day in the life of Skiba"

This is amazing, thank you.
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Aw, what happened to the one where dotime wins an argument against ringstaart and ramjeet? :c
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(2015-08-20 03:17:54)Nick Wrote: Aw, what happened to the one where dotime wins an argument against ringstaart and ramjeet? :c

Are you sure that's not the first one I posted?
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Yas! Thanks for bringing it back! <3
It's been a while since this was posted in. Post some fanfiction requests here, or maybe even write a fanfic of your own! There are numerous members here that would love to read fanfictions, as well as critique or give suggestions on the work of others. If the name "fan fiction" is off-putting, remember that it's simply an original written work that involves members of the forums, not unlike JV's 24 (by ProClifo), or some of JV's OK Story thread (created and curated by Ross).
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I need a link of that good ol' fanfic you wrote about mel and dev and some other people but I don't remember which ones so I can have a good laugh

Working on a better future
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All kinds of shitty music:
(2017-02-10 08:33:26)Dutany Wrote: I need a link of that good ol' fanfic you wrote about mel and dev and some other people but I don't remember which ones so I can have a good laugh


We don't talk about that fanfic


I'm not even entirely sure I still have it. It was written on my old laptop, which was then unfortunately wiped and given to my sister, and then discarded. It might be in one of my bookmarks, but honestly I'm not willing to search through those, as they're uncategorized as fuck.

I can try checking on my old Pastebin profile, but no guarantees. Either way that's something I'll have to do tomorrow when I have more time.
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In a world where Trump has taken over the entirety of America, both North and South, and build a wall to protect the USA of everyone, he yearly holds Hunger Games with tributes from all countries while giving the tributes from the USA unfair advantages because they are the greatest, the best, it's true. If any other tribute wins they are allowed to pass the wall with their family, like that is ever going to happen. OR WILL IT? Will our hero from Argentina, the almighty forum owner ax6, be able to defeat all the odds and travel to America to finally be able to stalk all his forum members in real life? We will find out!

He could feel the sweat pouring from his armpits. This year's stadium was the perfect climate for the South-American tributes. However, he could see the USA contestants had cooling vests on. On the other hand, the Canadians weren't so lucky. 'Get me oot!' the female tribute screamed. The heat made them fall to their knees, unable to move. Silly Canadians, don't freeze to death when it's below 10 C but can't handle a little warm weather, ax6 thought. Fortunately, ax6 was used to this weather, but he still wouldn't be able to get to the middle before the 'Muricans. When he heard the starting signal, he made a run for the rain forest behind him. He looked back one time, only to see the 'Muricans murdering the Canadians in cold blood, yelling 'Football is better than ice hockey, you maplelovers!' Stupid 'Muricans, couldn't even trashtalk properly. While the 'Muricans were too busy trashtalking the Canadians, he saw some other tributes get some supplies in the middle. Maybe ax6 could have gotten some stuff after all. He'd better start looking for hiw own supplies. With that, he ran into the forest, not sure what he would find.

After an hour of walking, ax6 stopped and sat down. His shirt was drenched with sweat. The heat meant his thirst was enormous, but he hadn't found any source of water yet, just a couple of berries that he didn't entirely trust so he left them. He was tempted to drink his own sweat by squeezin out of his shirt, but he decided against it when he put his tongue on his shirt to get a taste. He found some shelter under a tree, giving him a bit of shade so the sun would at least not heat him up even more. While he craved for food, he know he didn't per se need any very soon, as he had enough reserves stored. As he sat there, no sound around him, he fell asleep.

Ax6 suddenly woke up because of some voices nearby. The group spoke Spanish. While South American countries were known to team up early on in the games, he didn't dare to show himself, as he didn't really have any useful skills and would only be a liability. He stayed hidden in the little hole under the tree and just took a sneak peak to see if they were nearby. He could see them coming because of the little light they carried with them, but since it was dark, he was pretty sure they weren't able to see him. However, they were closing in on him, and as they got closer, ax6 didn't dare to keep looking.
conversation will just be in english, I don't know any spanish
'Let's set camp here, we've got enough supplies for now and we need some rest.' They sat a couple meters from the hole ax6 was in by the sound of it. 'Let's camp out in the open, that way we know if there is rain so we can maybe catch some more water.' ax6 was trapped and he was still thirsty as hell. Even if it started to rain, he couldn't catch the water with his mouth without the risk of being seen. He sat there as the group kept talking about themselves and the chances they had. There were two people from Mexico, one from Brazil who spoke broken Spanish, the other tribute from Argentina and two tributes from Chile. They were all skeptical about winning. 'Let's at least put up a fight aginst those 'Muricans.' After an hour or so, the first four went to sleep while two stood guard. ax6 thought about sneaking away, but he was too afraid he would make a noise. It was dead silent, so any noise would grab the guards' attention.

He fell asleep again, but awoke from noise again. 'Guys, wake up, I see a light in the distance.' It wasn't one of the original two that stood guard, so ax6 must have slept a long time. He also noticed that by his dry mouth, his tongue felt like sandpaper in his mouth. 'Alright guys, let's hide in that hole over there by the three.' Well fuck.

Working on a better future
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All kinds of shitty music:
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Nice, Dutany! I can't wait for part 2, if you ever write it =)

Here's something I wrote:

12: leopardenthusiast: someone turns into a microwave while someone else constantly laughs. I don't care who's involved in it

On the corner of the deadest intersection in the city, Leopard eyed his foggy, outdated phone screen, as though it were the maw of a vile creature about to eat his face. He checked, double checked, and triple checked various apps, as though he was waiting for someone, something to show him a sign.

It was the dead of night, and Leopard wanted his fix. No, he asserted that he needed his fix, and he would go through anything to ensure his next high. He was awaiting a correspondence from his dealer, who had just informed him of a new hit he was slinging. Top of the line, insane purity, and fresh off the production line. This was the drug that was going to blow both the Cartel and Wall Street off their knockers.

Whatever this mystery drug was, he needed to get his hands on it, and would even pay a high price, so long as he was higher than the sun the next morning.

As he put the phone back into his pocket, it buzzed. His dealer! He’d texted him! But screw the need for reading: he had that motherfucker on speed dial, and was going to talk to him the real way.

“It’s Leopard. You got the stuff?” he said, losing his breath already. He was breathing heavily and there were no scantily clad women in sight. One might realize that Leopard is still standing on the corner as well, implying the action hasn’t started yet!

Prostitution is not a laughing matter.

“Easy does it. I don’t think it’s wise for me to come by. Could you hit up one of my drop points?” said the voice on the phone. Static whizzed through the receiver, on both ends. It seems they were both in dire need of a new phone, and fast.

“No, I’ve already come all this way. You come to me, or else no deal.” Of course, Leopard was in no position to bargain. His tone was a lie, a facade. He had put aside all his money on this one single sampling of fresh narcotics, and hadn’t the sanity to refuse it.

“Listen, I’m the one with the dope, not you. It’s up to me where I want this deal to go down. Capiche?” said the voice.

Leopard wheezed, and then held the phone away from his face as he coughed up a wad of phlegm. “Fine, fine, we’ll have it your way. But I would really appreciate it if you came to pick me up. I’ll give you a backrub! And I assume you have a trap car anyways, so what’s the issue?”

The man on the other end laughed. “I don’t want any happy ending, and especially not from you. I’ll pick you up on the corner of Lawrence and Scott in 10 minutes.” And the line went dead.

10 minutes later, and Leopard was standing at the intersection, out of breath. Lawrence and Scott was on the other damn side of the city! “Screw the massage, this dude better be giving me the happy ending!” said Leopard.

A shoddy, beat up, clearly aged hot rod whizzed onto the curb. Smoke blasted Leopard in the face, and he proceeded to cough maniacally. “What the hell is your deal, guy?” hissed Leopard.

“Get in, loser,” said the mystery man from behind the veil of smoke. Leopard hopped in at once.

The dealer absolutely refused to disclose information regarding the drug until he made his way back to his bachelor pad. Sadly, this is not a romance fic, so nothing funny is going to be going down here. Leopard was sat down and offered a pitcher of ale and a cucumber slice. He denied both, and put his feet on the coffee table. The dealer then proceeded to down half a bottle of scotch, burping up the fresh mint he had swallowed the other day.

“Listen, I’m of the understanding that we’re both disgusting. But can you drop the act? I really want the drugs,” pleaded Leopard. The dealer simply laughed. “Oh, and by the way, there’s a reason why I don’t respond to your texts and choose to pick up the phone instead. You write like a fucking five-year-old with cerebral palsy.”

The dealer didn’t laugh to that. He slapped Leopard at once. “Yowch!” screamed Leopard. “What the hell was that for, Dotime?”

Dotime rubbed his wrist, as the slap had taken more force than he expected. Yes, Dotime was the dealer, and it was true that he slinged the hottest drugs for the sweetest profits on this side of the Mississippi. “I’m of the understanding that you’re a jackass that needs to pay up. Come on, you know the policy. No cash, no smash.”

“That’s fucking retarded, and your policy is dumb. What is this drug, anyways? Do I get some product information? Nutritional value chart? Paid commercial by Big Pharma?” As much as he was an addict, Leopard was a skeptic at heart, and he wasn’t about to waste his time on something mediocre.

“Alright, fine.” Dotime stood up tall, and began to pace the room. “What I’m about to offer you is a product that has never been sold in these parts before. Do you understand how long they’ve been attempting to synthesize this thing? And do you grasp how much time it’s been on the market? I’m not talking years, and I’m not even talking months. Weeks. It’s that fresh.”

“You’re all talk. Show me a sampling. I’ve been waiting for your call for six hours now, and the sun is going to go up. If I don’t get my fix by daybreak, then I’m over the limits,” gulped Leopard.

“Limits? The hell are you talking about, what limits? Are you a vampire? Is Buffy going to bust your ass in three hours?” said Dotime.

Leopard checked his phone. “It’s THAT late?! Oh my god!”

Dotime smacked his face. “You know how long you’ve been waiting, but you don’t know the time? You’re a piece of work, Leopard. And are you a furry, or what? Who named you Leopard?”

“Who named you Dotime? Why do you type like an octogenarian amputee? These are the questions we should be asking!”

Dotime reached deep into his trench-coat pocket, and slammed something down onto the table. Whatever it was, it was heavy. Was it a weapon? Was Dotime secretly with the DEA?

“What is THAT? Are you going to shoot me?!” asked Leopard.

“I’m not going to shoot you. This is the drug. But I can’t show you, until you know a thing or two.” Dotime gave a dramatic pause.

Leopard wheezed over the side of the couch. “Well if you don’t hurry up and tell me then I’d hope you are brandishing a gun, because I’ll off myself right here.” The odd-named man slammed his fist onto the table.

“What I have here is a highly-concentrated, purely organic, unadulterated meme drug.” Dotime lifted his hand. On the table sat a metallic pill, glistening in the light. “It’s super dense, and highly potent, but absolutely safe. Nobody’s died yet! Ain’t that incredible?”

“What the hell is a meme drug? Is this some kind of joke? You trying to get me to swallow and poop out a Buckyball? Because I’ve seen the Worldstar video, and it won’t be pretty when it comes time to go to the bathroom. Boy, if those walls could talk...”

Dotime continued. “The meme drug is the next generation of intelligence, humor, and pleasure, rolled into a single package. The chemists have found a way to transform the boiled down form of a meme into a tangible item, which can be easily ingested, and manifests its true power in less than 15 minutes. The meme essence can be split into two equivalent halves. That of ironic edge, and crippling depression. Thankfully, the ironic edge levels out the crippling depression, and the final form is something we simply haven’t seen before.”

Leopard gulped. “Are you saying that it’s…”

“Dank? Yes, that is what I’m saying.”

“Holy SHIT! That’s INCREDIBLE!” screamed Leopard, who began to giggle like a schoolgirl. “So can I try it?

“Money in the hand first. Let’s talk figures. How much do you have on you?” asked Dotime.

Leopard rifled through his pockets. “Uhh, let’s see. 50 dollars in cold hard cash, a lapel pin that says MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, a paperclip, an expired bus ticket from 1985, and a coupon to Five Guys.”

“Do you take me for a fucking Cro-Magnon? Are you trying to con me? Are you with the DEA?” asked Dotime.

“I’m poor. The chance to take this drug is all I have left. Please, can I have it? You can have the phone too! It’s a… Nokia.”

Dotiem laughed again, then cleared his throat. “That’s disgusting. But what isn’t disgusting is how genuine you are. Considering how new this drug is, there isn’t even a market for it. I don’t know what price it’ll go for. And I lied about the deaths. In fact, I lied about everything. You’d be the first to try it!”

Leopard puked onto the table. Dotime opened his closed fist into an open palm. But the drug wasn’t there. “Don’t you fucking dare tell me you took it,” said Dotime.

“I-I took it,” said Leopard.

Dotime flipped over the couch and jumped behind it. “Get the fuck away from me! Do you have any idea what you just did?”

“What, you were just going to sell me the thing anyways! Who cares if I took it 5 minutes too soon?”

“You’re as stupid as you are ugly, aren’t you, fuckface? I was going to poison you with a full dosage. The chemists speculated that it would take an eighth of the meme drug to kill a man, and said a half-milligram dose could get a man high for days. Maybe a week! You’ve killed yourself, buddy, and you might have just killed me too!”

“Why the hell did you do that for, asshole?” puked Leopard. Yeah, he puked as he said it. Pretty gross, huh?

“Because you’re the meme lord! I’ve been eyeing your stock on the meme market for nearly a year. Only you bust the best memes in town! The best memes in the state, and perhaps the entire country, stem from you. I wanted to revel in the glory. I wanted to be the man that killed the meme. Me! I wanted to be the one to take it too far! I wanna be the guy. And you just took that from me. How DARE you!” screamed Dotime, who cowered behind the couch, out of sight and out of mind.

Leopard puked one more time, and began to convulse. He had just injected a kilogram of pure meme into his bloodstream. Heavens only knew what it could do to him. Dotime knew of a man that injected the same amount in marijuanas, and the man instantly turned gay. But this was no marijuanas. This was something much more dank. Don’t do drugs, kids!

Leopard went into the fetal position as light emitted from every open pore, every orifice. It was like super-ebola had sex with super-AIDS, except it was pure irony. Leopard began to transform, and as he screamed his allegiance to Trump, the Father Almighty, Dotime screamed his final prayer.

“I WISH I COULD SPELL,” he said.

Leopard’s changes were almost instant. In seconds, he was something unseen. No man could understand what was just happening.

Leopard was a motherfucking microwave.

He began to vibrate, and Dotime was drawn to his power cord. Dotime plugged in the Leopardwave, and he began to talk. “WHAT DID YOU DO,” screamed Leopard.

Dotime began to laugh, and soon enough, tears emitted from his eyes. As Leopard screamed, We Are Number One remixed with Allstar began to play in G major from his speakerbox, except it was composed entirely of intermittent beeps in a dissonant scale.

“The meme is too strong!” Dotime said between gasps of air, but the laughing never stopped. This was more than a goof and a gaff. This was 100% dank. Dotime had to end it, but he had no idea what could possibly end the torture. No human was allowed to endure this much dankness, and no one could possibly survive it.

As Leopard continued his tirade into tedium, Dotime had a single idea: Cholesterol. Caloric intake. Diabetes. Yes, to end the suffering, he would kill himself through the powers of Diabetes. But how?

Still laughing, Dotime ran to his fridge and grabbed as much garbage as he could hold in his hands. He sprinted to the Leopardwave. He needed to get this microwaved, before it was too late. Before the meme consumed his motor control and turned him into a vegetable. And he hated vegetables. Dotime already felt his legs failing, and he would fall at any moment!

He pressed a slew of different buttons, until he finally found the right one. He closed his eyes, said a quick prayer to RNGJesus, and clicked.

Dotime opened the door.


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I made a fic for the "JV/Acid Forums in Divergent" prompt. It's a little short, but I might make a part 2 to this including more users (I hadn't been active in a long time, so I can't remember you all, sorry :c)

The events that occur in this fic are heavily based off of an hour's worth of chat shitposting.

[19:15:40] <aaaaaa123456789> don't you dare xD me young man
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I can get down with doing more audio readings of newer fan fics. I deleted the VFVxJiggmin one from SoundCloud because some irl friends started using it and followed me, and I really didn't need them to know that that existed.
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