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Avatar History
So, we already have a username history. What if we could also have an Avatar history, to see which cool Avatars people have had in the past? To extend that, what about a Custom User Title history? I'm not all too interested in a Profile Picture history, mostly because of the size Profile Pictures are allowed to be, which might cause some server strain if you were to load them all at the same time.

I don't know how hard it would be to implement these things. It might also not be as useful as other suggestions, but I think it would be pretty cool. I'm including a poll to see how users want this, but I understand why we won't get it even if a lot of people want it.
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yes if that's possible
Implementing any kind of image history would become quite heavy considering how often people change them. I don't want to have to keep megabytes of images on the server, sorry.

As for user title history, I honestly don't know how close to the realm of possible that would be.
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