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Last movie you watched?

It is an amazing MCU film, honestly. Humour from what I recall is decent and isn't too cheesy as opposed to most superhero films, and the way the molecule-resizing powers are used are certainly unique.
Michael Pena was great too.
The end even sets it up for another movie, so if you enjoyed that shit, you're gonna be hyped you know

good ratings, watch it or something
use showbox if you have to
I saw Inside Out about two months ago
d o n ' t
Watched Mad Max: Fury Road again.
Presuming makes a pres out of you and me.
The Butterfly Effect

Last movie I watched in theaters was Inside Out
random Sig
Smiley *I did it for the lulz , i did it for the lulz, i did it for the lulz*
Say what you mean and mean what you say. Rolleyes
Straight Outta Compton (crazy motherfucker named Ice Cube), and it was pretty damn good! Big Grin
just watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
it was easily one of the worst movies i've ever seen

either bueller's day off or inside out I don't remember for shit
here's some dope copypasta
no, i'm in the wrong era. the dumbing down is too serious here. sometimes it feels like everyone is a stupid idiot. i'm not calling out anyone in particular. just saying. the fact that people use the internet as an excuse to justify being a fuckhead idiot is proof enough. i guess another good example is in that one country they have a complete dullard running for president and everyone just makes jokes about it. we have thousands of videos on the net of people recording their selves doing stupid shit like setting their self on fire or being a bastard to someone else or a harmless animal. even basic things like two people greeting each other is a rarity in many places.

there is no such thing as a human being anymore. we deserve to be destroyed.
rolling thunder
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Apollo 13
Presuming makes a pres out of you and me.
Final Destination....

Strangely the first one is still the best.
monsters vs aliens

before that mission impossible
León: The Professional

natalie portman 12/10
I think I watched Straight Outta Compton last.. im not sure tho.
This god awful movie called Jesse it was so bad. The slogan on the front cover was "she's mad. She's mean. And she's hot." It reminded me of the movie made in my town that I watched and it was sooo bad
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Rain Man
Presuming makes a pres out of you and me.
Casino Royale

Last movie I saw in a theater was Furious 7.
[Image: oCtZgn3.png]
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

Fell asleep while watching it and got told off by my other half.
The crazies XD
Say what you mean and mean what you say. Rolleyes
I rewatched Monty Python & The Holy Grail with some friends recently.
I haven't watched any movies recently Confused

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