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The usage of Creative Commons
I make my tracks on SoundCloud be licensed under Creative Commons BY just in order to be specified on the credits by the user of my track(s). Am I using CC-BY in incorrect way? Didn't I need to license my tracks under CC-BY?
CC-BY means that people can do whatever they want with your track as long as they give you credit. For example, they're allowed to share it with whoever they want, use it in Youtube videos, or use it in movies they sell. They're allowed to create new tracks based on your track.

There are other Creative Commons licenses. The "BY" part of "CC-BY" means that they people have to give you credit, but there are three other rules you can add: "NC", "ND" and "SA".

"NC" means Non-Commercial. It means that people can't make money using your track. If they want to use it to make money they have to contact you and get special permission.

"ND" means No Derivatives. It means that people are only allowed to share and listen to your track, and they are not allowed to create new tracks based on your track or use your track in their video.

"SA" means Share-Alike. It means that when people base their own work on your track, like a new track or a video, they have to use the same license for that new work. That means that everyone can always use your track, even if it's a changed version by someone else. This is called "copyleft". Without the SA rule someone could use your track to make a new track and then not let anyone else use the new track that way.

You can't have the ND and SA rules at the same time, because that wouldn't make sense.

CC-BY is suitable for this.
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