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Writer's Corner
Writer's Corner Introduction:

I'm sure there are many people here who have interesting literary works to share, but don't quite have a thread made specifically for that purpose. There's an Acid Comics thread for people who wish to convey a story with the use of drawn imagery and speech bubbles; but as we all know, drawing pictures takes significantly more time and effort than just typing something out.

This thread is dedicated to showcasing the literary talent of Acid Forum members. Short stories, long stories, written series, poems of all kinds, they are all welcome here.
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I haven't actually posted much, but I love writing. Here are links to two stories I actually posted online and got a relative good response:

I personally like the first one the most. I think suicide and depression is a very interesting thing to write about, although I also love happy endings. I feel like I really used that in the story. I still like the second one too, but I feel like it doesn't all make too much sense (obviously with that kind of prompt, but still, it doesn't feel quite right).

I'm actually working on a novel idea I've had for a couple of years, finally getting around to shaping it and it feels great to get all these ideas on paper. I've already made an outline with a brief plot, some subplots to incorporate into the main story, character and location descriptions, and some backstory. I've been working on the prologue lately, but didn't do as much during my Christmas break as I wanted to.
Working on a better future
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All kinds of shitty music:
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I've been working on a mythological/religious work combining Pagan religion with Abrahamic religion, and I was wondering whether I should write it in epic or novel form. Suggestions?
(2016-06-18 07:38:26)aaaaaa123456789 Wrote: freegoose is as fake as a $6.50 bill. 
I've been working on two serial works that had once began as novel ideas. I don't exactly have anything to show for them right now. Or at least nothing I wish to showcase to a thread, as they are unfinished. But I do wish to one day showcase them to the world.

More specifically, the serial work I am currently working on is named "Voyage of the CorsAir", which I want to write and post on Wordpress as a serial/episodic work. Similar to the web serial Worm in how it's updated, but not necessarily in its themes or storytelling approach. The other serial work I mentioned is called "The Chronicles of Buzz" and though it is a more comedic story, I've actually put far more work and time into it than my other project. I have no plans of ending either of these works as I don't think I'm a good enough writer yet to actually finish an ambitious work (and they are two very ambitious projects, I'll admit), but one day I hope to at least let others know about my works.
Discord ID: Alice#4975
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I am on the SCP Wiki as FloppyPhoenix.
I once wrote a short story for my school's literary magazine. It's fairly short, a small written record of the spoken stories I shared to listeners.
Figuring everything out.
The Ravaged Streets

Main Thread: A place for questions, comments and fan art relating to the story as well as an episode directory and bonus content!

Picking up right after the events of the previous season, the leader of the Greater World Federation - Tank Rodriguez Titanium - awakens in a medical bed, only to find himself in the midst of a post-nuclear apocalypse. With his nation in shambles, food, medicine and weapons being scarce and unknown threats awaiting him outside, the situation seems grim. Despite all odds though, he chooses to move forward and refuses to take a single step backwards.

Some episodes of The Ravaged Streets may contain scenes of violence and gore. It also makes references to real life historical events; some of which may be controversial. The characters in this comic series do not accurately reflect the people they are based on. Reader's discretion is advised.

Part 1: Dead Man Waking

[Ravage Day 1]
[Underground Bunker, GWF-Canada]

A white light flickered in the room as Tank opened his eyes. He looked around and memories slowly crept back into his mind of the whole ordeal that befell his nation. The tubes and needles were already detached from his veins and the medical machines appear to have been forcibly turned off. Tank clutched his head, which had started hurting since he had awoken. Feeling weak and shaky, he held onto one of the rails on the side of the medical bed and pulled himself up. He took a couple of steps onto the floor and stood, still holding onto the rail.

“Everything hurts…” He thought to himself. “Everything hurts, but I’m still alive.”

He remembered being shot in the left shoulder by an arrow and was thankful of the privilege to have more breaths. He saw his civilian clothes on a chair; a dark blue hoodie with an open front zipper. The hood part had a light grey interior and the undershirt was purple. Underneath both of them were black trousers, a fully loaded Makarov pistol and his digital watch, which seemed to still function. 

He checked the date…“2016-01-02”

Tank turns his head and sees the patient information sheet on the desk, which displays “Patient admitted on 2015-12-18. Name: Joseph Tank Rodriguez Titanium”

He looked up and did a bit of calculating.”I’ve been comatose for 2 weeks?!”

After mentally processing the information, he changes his clothes and decides to leave the room. To his dismay, he finds the door handles on the outer side of his room to be chained together. He was only able to make a small opening in between the two doors. As he looked through the opening, he saw coagulated blood and bullet casings on the floor of the hallway. He internally debated whether or not it was a good idea to leave the room, but arrived at the conclusion that starving to death here was not worth the safety this place provided. He pushed the doors forward to expose the chains in the opening and held the Makarov at it point-blank.

The first shot was loud and ripped through the hallway outside the room. Sparks flew as the bullet damaged the chains, but not enough to completely break them. Another shot rang out; this time, severely weakening the chains. He bashed his right shoulder against the door hoping to break the chains by force but to no avail. He held the pistol towards the chains one final time and they broke apart, the rest of it dropping to the floor.

Tank stepped outside and looked down the darkened hallway. It smelled like decayed flesh and dried blood. He had to cover his nose and quickly look for the exit, which he found shortly after. He climbed up the ladder towards the bunker’s hatch and pushed it open. Upon emerging his head out from the bunker, he was met with a disheartening sight.

Ruined buildings surrounded the area, along with debris from damaged infrastructure and wreckage from vehicles both civilian and military alike. Dead bodies littered the streets and the sky was red with dark red clouds. Off in the distance were raging fires of indeterminate causes and grey flakes fell from the skies and crumbled into a fine powder upon contact with Tank’s clothes.

Faint sounds of distant machine gun fire can be heard from all directions. Upon closer inspection, many of the dead bodies in the area seemed to have been sliced open and their spines removed.

“How strange” Tank thought as he looked over the seemingly desecrated corpses.

In the far off distance, he sees a small squad of GWF soldiers firing back at a Catian assault unit.

“Something’s not right… I thought they were our allies!” Tank thought to himself as he saw the two sides engaging. 

He hears the sound of a Dolphin hover tank approaching and he takes cover behind a large pile of debris. The hover tank makes its way towards the Catian line, rotates its cannon towards the GWF squad and fires its cannon, destroying the squad’s position and completely annihilating them. Tank gasps and remains behind the debris pile, appalled by what he just saw.

Since he was so dangerously close to an enemy force, Tank knew it wasn’t wise to stay in that place for too long, so he got up and started running down the street, coming at an intersection. Around the corner however, he sees dolphins, birds and Catian forces marching down the road together, with pickle soldiers parachuting from the sky.

Tank was flustered, thinking “Wh-why?! HOW?!”

He turns around and tearfully runs down the road in the opposite direction of where he saw his enemies and former allies. He sprinted and dashed until his legs and lungs started hurting. Soon enough, he arrived at the outskirts of the city and made his way closer to where he remembered his cottage was located. The machine gun sounds began dying down as he walked further away from the city until it became a distant sight.

[To Be Continued...]
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The Ravaged Streets

Some episodes of The Ravaged Streets may contain scenes of violence and gore. It also makes references to real life historical events; some of which may be controversial. The characters in this comic series do not accurately reflect the people they are based on. Reader's discretion is advised.

Part 2: Rain of Ruins

[Ravage Day 1]
[Torontown, GWF-Canada]

Tank’s throat began to itch and the ash-filled atmosphere certainly wasn’t helping. After an exhausting walk from the city to the outskirts, he finally managed to make his way to his cottage, which was in the countryside by a forest and a lake. When he arrived however, he was disheartened to discover that it was almost completely destroyed and had become a pile of rubble, debris and damaged furniture. Right in the middle of the wreckage however was a person… a female person… and her body did not appear to be desecrated like the others he had seen in the city.

He makes his way to the body and kneels over, putting his hand near her mouth and nose to check for breathing.

“She’s still alive… I wonder what she’s doing here of all places.” Tank thought as he steps away to gather supplies from his wrecked home.

He stuffs his backpack with a lighter, canned food, water purification tablets, a first aid kit and a crowbar. He picks up a flashlight, but it appears to be broken so he tosses it aside. He also opens a drawer and pulls out a spare magazine for his handgun. He opens the fridge and the door falls off. Paranoid about the possibility of mould and spoiled food, he decides to take some fruit cups and kit kat bars which he knows keep well. The lady still didn’t move, but she hears some rustling and feels the movement of debris.

She thinks to herself “Who… who is that?”

After Tank finishes packing up his bag with as many useful supplies he can find, he wraps the unconscious female with a blanket he pulled from underneath the wreckage of his bedroom.

As she feels the warmth of the blanket, she opens her eyes slightly and thinks “A person is helping me... but why me? I've caused so much misfortune… I am not worthy of this treatment.”

Tank assured the female “You’re gonna be fine kid… say, mind telling me your name?”

“My name…?” She said before responding with another question.

“Why are you… helping me… rather than letting me die here?”

Tank places his backpack under the survivor’s head for her to use as a pillow.

He answered by saying “Because it looked like you needed help.”

“Ugh… put me out of my misery… I am not needed here.” she responded.

“Yes you are.” Tank countered.

He looked over the female and memories slowly began to surface, as if recognizing her outfit from somewhere.

She looked at Tank and asked “Then what purpose do I serve? Whoever the hell you are...”

Tank answers “You're needed here to keep me company. A post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland can be a very lonesome place.”

“I suppose that’s a good reason” the female says.

“By the way, you can call me Joseph” Tank told her.

“Oh… call me Rain” She replied.

“Nice to meet you Rain.”

“Nice to meet you too Joseph.”

Tank opens up a fruit cup and gives it to Rain, along with a spoon.

She sits up and says “Oh, thank you.” to which Tank replied “You’re welcome.” and she starts eating.

“I wanted to die, you know. But since you needed company, sure, why not.” She tells him.

After hearing this, Tank smirks and looks at the treeline for the possibility of an ambush. Rain sighs and Tank turns his head back towards her.

“Something wrong?” He asked.

“Let’s just say… I’ve committed terrible atrocities. Things I’m not proud of.” She tells him.

Tank sits beside her and says “I’ve had my fair share of mistakes. Did things I’m not entirely proud of. It’s part of being human, I guess.

“Yeah… being human.” Rain says with an uneasy tone.

Tank starts to cough a little and looks around; grey flakes continued falling from the sky.

“All this ash… quite a shame, I wanted to have a white Christmas, not a grey one.” He commented.

Rain felt dizzy and slowly got up.

“Whoa, take it easy… relax.” Tank advised her.

“No, I’ll get over it.” She says while looking at Tank.

He notices that her eyes have been shifting between different colours such as red, purple, green and blue.

“You need to lay down.” He suggested.

“No, I will not rest.” She retorted.

Tank thought about the changing eye colours and came to the conclusion that “Whatever this thing is, it ain’t human.”

Rain closes her eyes and tells Tank “Hey Joseph…”


“I want to show you something…”

She takes a few steps back from Tank and suddenly, massive angel wings appear on her back, spreading outwards on either side.

“Oh my God… you’re an angel!” Tank exclaimed in disbelief.

[To Be Continued...]
The Ravaged Streets

Main Thread: A place for questions, comments and fan art relating to the story as well as an episode directory and bonus content!

Some episodes of The Ravaged Streets may contain scenes of violence and gore. It also makes references to real life historical events; some of which may be controversial. The characters in this comic series do not accurately reflect the people they are based on. Reader's discretion is advised.

Part 3: Assassins Bleed

[Ravage Day 1]
[Outskirts of Torontown, GWF-Canada]

As Tank sat there in disbelief, he expressed “Never thought I’d actually see an angel.”

Rain looked down and Tank clearly remembered the outfit she was wearing by that point. 

He narrowed his eyes and thought “Now I recognize her… she was the one that shot my shoulder with an arrow. She’s the reason I was comatose for two weeks.”

She sees the contempt in Tank’s eyes and sensed his disdain, asking “You’ve realized it by now, haven’t you?”

Not wanting to dwell on the subject, Tank responds by saying “We should probably find some shelter.”

Rain was momentarily confused, expecting him to be retaliatory. 

Ultimately she decided to follow his lead and added “I suppose. Want me to scout the area?”

“Sure, anything helps. But don’t stray too far from me.”

She flaps her wings and continuously increases her might; but to no avail, as she is unable to take off. She collapses from exhaustion and Tank runs up to her, catching her before she hits the ground.


“Okay comrade, you really need to rest.” Tank implored.

“I feel weak… from that nuke.” she stated.

Tank says dismayingly “Nukes actually… there were more than one. Struck the entire world by the looks of it… and I think a large chunk of the Earth was blown off.”

In the far distance, he could’ve sworn he saw a white-long-haired bearded man with blue skin walking with a little girl with black hair and light grey skin.

Rain turns her head and asks “Are those survivours?”

Tank advises “We’d better not go near them, feels like it might create a paradox or something.”

Rain nodded and stands on her own two feet again.

“I think it’s best that we walk anyway. Flying would only get the attention of birds, machine gunners and anti-air units. C’mon, if I remember correctly, there should be a GWF military base across the lake.” Tank stated.

Rain pointed out “You know this place well... “ and she looked at the wrecked cottage “this was your home, wasn’t it?” she added.

“It was… alright let’s move out. We’re burning daylight and night travel is probably not the best idea in this world’s current state.”

About an hour of walking later, through the forest and by the side of the lake, they arrive at the now-uninhabited military base. Body parts such as dismembered arms, legs, heads and torsos with sliced open backs and removed spines seemed to litter the area.

“Dang… looks like whoever came here and did this took all the weapons away.” Tank commented. 

He kneeled down and took a look at a soldier’s ID card. “She was 18 years young... still a teenager. Can’t imagine, who’d do something like this?” Tank wondered, muttering these words.

Rain sniffles and thinks to herself “Bloodshed… what have I done.”

Tank’s eyes shifted to the side and noticed Rain’s reaction. Once again he chooses not to dwell on it and takes the crowbar from the side of his backpack.

“Hey Rain, ever played survival games?” Tank asked.

“No.” She replied.

“Me neither. Guess we’ll have to improvise as we go along.” He states as he pries open a box of military rations.

“Perfect.” He expressed as he pulls out bags of military MREs.

“Here, these are for you. I don’t want you to starve.” Tank says as he passes the majority of them to Rain.

“But what about you? You don’t seem to be having any food yourself.” She replied.

Tank sighs and assures her “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be alright. I promised myself to take care of you. Here, stay inside and keep warm… it’s cold out.” and he accompanies Rain into the damaged military base, keeping her wrapped up with his blanket. 

She sits by the entrance and watches as Tank heads back out again to pry open more boxes. As Tank prys open another box, he pauses and realizes something.

“Wait a second… if someone came here already to take all the weapons, why would they leave all this food here?”

He hears footsteps crunching through the ashes on the ground and he turns his head. A man wearing a green jacket, dark grey undershirt and red wrappings around his face stood nearby. A throwing knife whizzed through the air and Tank quickly raised the lid of the ration box as a shield. The tip of the knife pierced the shield and the assailant rushed forward, carrying a sword. He sliced the shield in half and went in for another swing towards Tank’s throat… and the blade was stopped cold by a golden looking object.

“Leave him alone, Vex.” Rain sternly ordered, pressing her golden frying pan against Vex’s sword.

He leapt back and asked “What do you think you’re doing, Rain?! We’ve been given orders to assassinate him.”

“I said leave him alone.” She said, standing in front of Tank, who quickly got up and reached for his handgun.

Vex was confused, appearing to confront a colleague who seems to be demonstrating a change of allegiance.

“The New World Order has taken all of the weapons from this base and will be returning soon to pick up the food and medicine. I’ve been tasked to guard it… but it looks like the dictator has decided to expose himself, to me of all people! You have any idea how large the bounty on his head is?! What say we kill him and you and I split the reward?“ He suggested.

“No” Rain said, remaining stern.

Vex was perplexed, “What do you mean, no?! We’ll get to have promotions, fancy houses, all the food and drinks we could possibly ever want, even higher spots in the New World Order’s inner circle!”

“No means no!” Rain shouted.

Tank took aim with his Makarov and fired a warning shot at Vex’s feet.

“You’d better leave.” Tank encouraged.

“Like hell I will. If you don’t want the bounty, fine. I’ll just take it all for myself. But don’t get in my way, Rain.” He said while running forward again.

Rain blocked Vex and whacked his sword using her golden frying pan.

Vex angrily spoke “I see you’ve made up your mind. Guess I’ll have to kill both of you.”

Vex and Rain began clashing metal against metal, constantly maneuvering around each other while trying to land a few hits. Tank held up his handgun, but was unable to target Vex properly due to his close proximity of Rain. Suddenly Vex slashed his sword against Rain’s arm and left a cut. She screams and leaps back, pressing her hand on it. Tank uses the opportunity of their separation to fire 3 rounds at Vex. He slices the first two bullets, but the third bullet strikes his left leg, staggering him.

Tank sees Rain wounded and growls with rage, jumping out from behind the loot box and furiously unloading his makarov at Vex, one bullet entering his chest after another. Despite being shot multiple times however, he still manages to swing his sword at Tank, who tilts his head and causes the sword to bounce off his helmet. Vex lunges forward with the blade and Tank side-strafes, grabbing his wrist and using his elbow to break his arm. Vex drops the sword and falls to the ground on his knees in agony. 

Tank picks up the sword and raises it behind Vex, followed by uttering a short phrase... “In nomine patris, et filii, spiritus sancte.”

Vex’s head hits the ground and his body falls forward. Tank wipes the sword using his sleeve and places it in his scabbard, tying it to his backpack.

He then runs towards Rain and kneels beside her; she was still applying pressure to the wound. Tank looks around and reaches for the blanket from earlier, tearing it apart and using the torn cloth to wrap around her wound as a makeshift bandage.

“We’ve gotta get medicine from the-” Tank said before getting interrupted by the roaring engines of incoming New World Order vehicles.

“City… we’ve gotta go back into the city.” Tank says, wiping Rain’s tears and helping her up. Both of them start making their way back towards the city as the NWO pulls up beside the military base to gather the remaining loot; food and medicine, just as Vex had mentioned earlier.
...oh, yeah. I do write.

Okay, so waaaaaay back while JV was still standing I wrote this series for a racing thing or something. Details are fuzzy and the entire thing got lost when JV eventually got deleted but I do remember it getting out of hand and just not writing an end after that.

Before (and even through and after) this, though, I did write a lot, under my main name of The Fire Tiger. I just haven't been doing it at all recently because I've just been super un-motivated, and not to mention college took over me. My memory somehow loops back to all those stories I never got on at least some .txt file (and believe me when I say there is a lot there) so, who knows, maybe I'll find some spare time again for writing.

Currently all of my works are on that perhaps-not-safe-to-share site I briefly mentioned in this blog, but I have plans to perhaps expand to Wattpad with something more normal.

[Image: ld3E4dJy]

Discord: The Fire Tiger#2346

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