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Today, you are an Astronaut.
new page new links

yay more cock fights

allahu akbar

there are surprisingly many volleyball videos

hahaha so cute

good doge

[Image: gWu2Jq2.jpg]

hugging animals compilation

a tsunami with multiple angles (disturbing)

a riddle

inside a cockpit

its a lot of music and pets and kids recording school projects although it might differ depending on the time of day you watch
[Image: tumblr_nddxf2XzYY1tvf9p0o1_400.gif]
That cockpit video... I wonder what they were doing? The speed meter was stuck at zero and the altitude wasn't changing either (220 ft all the time, which are about 67m — above sea level), meaning that the plane wasn't moving at all... was it just an engine test?
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