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Post your personally-curated Spotify playlist(s)
Post any Spotify playlist you've personally created.

What's the name of your playlist? What kind of music do you put on your playlist?

My playlist is named "Begin" and has electronic music, but is not necessarily your typical loud "EDM".
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I have like 10 playlists, each categorized by genre, compiled into one playlist map lol

[Image: 6095b7a36ff37cd41fe5663cc6d802c3.png]

Besides that, I also have a playlist with 100 songs that are sorta recent and I really like, a playlist with 'guilty pleasure' (mostly pop stuff) and classics, which aren't classics in the common sense of the word but songs that are kinda nostalgic for me.

this is the 100 song playlist:
Working on a better future
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All kinds of shitty music:
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(2017-02-09 21:33:16)yeet Wrote: >>>>>>>>>>spotify

>Apple Music
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It's called "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Good Jams" and it basically is indie/alternative/punk/anything but country. I definitely recommend y'all check it out. It's a loooooong playlist.
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it's an incomplete mix of 80's hits. suggestions r welcome
here's some dope copypasta
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#7 - main playlist, mostly edm - workout playlist - rt yes - idk just songs i like to listen to - former main playlist and it's just a lot of songs from 2012 until 2016
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sad -
chill - (over 2k songs, mostly indie/folk)
shit that bumps in the whip -
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Here are my two biggest categorical playlists. I add songs pretty often and I'm not too selective and particular about only adding the best songs to these ones, but occasionally I'll remove songs that aren't actually my cup of tea.

Big Folk ish playlist:
Big Psychedelic playlist: (I've got 16 followers here somehow)

I gotta focus more on making just general playlists to curate overtime. I have a habit of making way too many small ones that I end up barely listening too.
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