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When you listen to music...
When you listen to music, is there a certain instrument that your focus tends to emphasize on? Vocals count

I usually hear guitars over everything else when I listen to metal
That's an interesting question, I've never thought about it before. For me, it would probably be guitars or violin that pops out the most.
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I tend to really focus in on any piano in a song and kind of evaluate it from a technical perspective (eg. how technically impressive it is) but also because I really like the sound of piano.
If a song has vocals I usually focus on the vocals the most but it's hard not to.
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I don't necessarily listen to a specific instrument, but if a song has really good percussion use, it really stands out to me. I feel like most electronic songs have pretty bland percussion (like a standard kick snare for dubstep, kick for hardstyle, kick in big room), if there's some really nice variation it really catches my ear
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All kinds of shitty music:
Is it a banger?
Is it a jam?
Is it hot?
Is it something I would going 100+ on the highway?
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I don't focus on any specific instrument usually asides from vocals
I just focus if the song sounds like the person actually took the time to make sure the song doesn't sound distorted
a song I already dislike because of the major distortion is xxxtentacion's "look at me"
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Hammond organ, definitely.
I do focus on different instruments but at random
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as a bass player i usually center in on the bassline and drums to see if there's anything interesting happening
especially if its a good slap bassline
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Probably the guitar or vocals, I find myself humming the song a lot.

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