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1 thing you like/dislike about the above poster
Post 1 thing you like and 1 thing you dislike about the above poster.

Feel free to be straight up with me
You are really funny, but I dislike your music choice.
For as long as I can remember, I've had memories.

[Image: kFpaVQg.png]
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  • GodJob
I think you're an overall good guy and respectable. I dislike YOUR choice in music
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  • Mystery
Thing I like (because it's good to start with the positives): You seem like you know what you're doing right now, centring everything else around your own concept of success.

Thing I dislike: You turn discussions heated quickly, then proceed to bring irrationality into your arguments. You don't always do this, but when you do, it's easy to notice.
[Image: Denj139.gif]
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You are a good person, you're funny, you can read people really well, and you're one of AF's best members. As for a dislike, there's nothing I dislike about you
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  • Alice
I like how you utilize positive thinking (even though I might think you overdoing it)

I dislike your threads
I like your avatar. I dislike that your name isn't good job man
[Image: EFqyZ3T.gif]
Love the signature, but I haven't gotten to know this person enough to dislike them.
I like your overall personality in and outside of the forums, and honestly there's nothing to dislike.
[Image: pMJsQyL.png?1]
Like the guy and the personality... and I can't even say anything bad when you have your hot-dog costume on, it's not fair :z
[Image: 444709LunaSig.jpg]
It's hard to say but...that avatar is lame.
[Image: signature_2017_feb_by_playerzed-db06m6e.png]
Zero club member: Sniper
You have amazing artwork, but you don't post enough.
For as long as I can remember, I've had memories.

[Image: kFpaVQg.png]
I like rye bread, so you're probably just as good. Im not a big fan of pie tho so that's my opinion
[Image: EFqyZ3T.gif]
i like the fact that you have a Dig Bick, but i dont like the fact that you have no hands
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Like your name, not your avatar

Like:I like your name, your avatar, and your taste in flash games.
Dislike: "Virginity" and "Pizza" should be lower case in your title
Like: you're the epitome of memes around here.
Dislike: you aren't on here enough.
[Image: Denj139.gif]
Like: Good writer, much better than I
Dislike: Wants people to frequently visit ded forums
Like: Even though you might not like a part of me, you're nice and not super mean about it
Dislike: But at the end of the day, you are against us as a general group
I like your activity

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