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What to heck is your user title's meaning?
What does your user title mean?

Mine means [DATA EXPUNGED].
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I think mine is self explanatory. =P
Nothing like 20 hours of sleep to really work up an appetite.

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it's a line from the hook of MIA's song "world town"
here's some dope copypasta
no, i'm in the wrong era. the dumbing down is too serious here. sometimes it feels like everyone is a stupid idiot. i'm not calling out anyone in particular. just saying. the fact that people use the internet as an excuse to justify being a fuckhead idiot is proof enough. i guess another good example is in that one country they have a complete dullard running for president and everyone just makes jokes about it. we have thousands of videos on the net of people recording their selves doing stupid shit like setting their self on fire or being a bastard to someone else or a harmless animal. even basic things like two people greeting each other is a rarity in many places.

there is no such thing as a human being anymore. we deserve to be destroyed.
rolling thunder
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it means I'm a horrible pirate
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explain how i can socialize with people (preferably females aged 16-27) using specific cell phone apps or any cell phone related methods.

No clue.

I think it's pretty straightforward

For historical reasons, User Title at the time: I need about Tree Fiddy (look at that, Viacom blocked the video).
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i'm hooked on item tier names
Point, aim, shoot

• єиα •
It means I'm watching you sleep
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I liked the title. I used it because during my school days, I'd stay up extremely late.
A cactus is a plant. A cactus that can walk around is a walking plant.
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Click my signature and find out. Tongue
Old username
It means that I'm the administrator
If you need to contact me for any reason, or if you have any questions, concerns, problems or requests, message me here or email me at

This forum has been around for (loading...)
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It's a play on words made by an old friend.
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Zero club member: Sniper
I like sad quotes
Working on a better future
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All kinds of shitty music:
Couldn't think of what to put there, so I put an invisible html character there instead so that there is no user title
it means i'm too lazy to change it.

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