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You wake up with the above poster's avatar naked in bed
How do you react? Angel

I'll edit the post to do the below poster because I'm first.


This is creepy and all but are your glasses orange flavor?
I'd freak out. I mean how else would you react to a pixelated being that's naked and on your bed?
I would demand compensation for not also getting the cool shades
I don't have a sicknature
YouTube (original music) | Newgrounds (games)
Is that a shield? I guess I'm just happy it's an inanimate object (I think)
[Image: tamsjf.png]
Nice software, now let's see your hardware Wink
[Image: Denj139.gif]
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(2017-05-31 22:30:55)Ringstaart Wrote: [Image: klgowz.jpg]

[Image: Denj139.gif]
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(2017-05-31 22:45:25)Sauelsuesor Wrote:

Objectophilia is a serious fetish. Some people may actually get off to that.

Anyways, whoever the grill is in your pic, she's not 2D, so no go in the sex front. Would probably put clothes on, kick out of the house, and tell them to get a damn job and provide for the fam instead of being a prostitute or sumthin'
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A smoking cat, so it's already naked?
[Image: bb92a28b915d77e8f6090f4e9fe367a50d4d7fcd_hq.gif]
Would probbly splash me, but oh well... it does nothing
I immediately get away from Zero Error.
well a pink and blue blob is kinda odd, guess I'd just go downstairs and eat breakfast :^)
Working on a better future
[Image: WkuV46j.png]
All kinds of shitty music:
i would try
[Image: vIDUdv3.png]
(2017-06-01 12:56:59)Dootany Wrote: well a pink and blue blob is kinda odd, guess I'd just go downstairs and eat breakfast :^)

Actually, my avatar is a book wearing a cap Chavo from El Chavo Del Ocho wears, so I was expecting something like "reading what my inside is," but you didn't make it out....

If you were with my bed, I'd like to say... I have no ideas with the avatar. So I suppose it hides your true appearance, and I'll unhide it to see your face.

EDIT: skip me. This post was supposed to reply to Dootany, but Nero was earlier than my post.
Yes Daddy Wink
[Image: Denj139.gif]
[Image: kcoece.jpg]
i would feel like a dork

You taught me love, you taught me life, you taught me yemlo.

I would have many questions to ask myself.
[Image: PaltryAccomplishedFritillarybutterfly-small.gif][Image: fdc08be2fe46efadf3e01fc5805eacaf.gif]

I would get thrown in jail because that's a loli.
[Image: Denj139.gif]

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