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MyBB update
So Acid Forums runs in MyBB 1.8.5 (as seen at the bottom left "Powered by MyBB1.8.5") but the developers released 1.8.12 during May 22 and it felt weird that AF would stay outdated for so long considering that Ax6 is not inactive at all

Changes are tiny but useful, here are some of them:
  • Updated Unicode support (You can now post emojis and they will not turn into question marks (?), however they still lack images so they are pretty much only in text form.
  • Updated contact details for profiles (Steam, Skype, Discord, Slack...)

The developers released a demonstration of the updated version in YouTube so I don't even wanna bother typing if you can see it yourself:

As I said nothing much has changed but what was updated is pretty good so far.
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MyBB makes it easy to extend the forums' functionality with plugins, and at some point with custom code. It also makes it easy to update versions.

But attempting to do both is an absolute nightmare.

As you can see, this forum already has lots of plugins, some fixes made manually (because the code is bad), and lots of data managed by said plugins (e.g., thanks). Updating versions would imply redoing all of that, which probably means losing half of it because there's no easy way of tracking all the various fixes I've made to the plugins themselves (e.g., to the top stats plugin, to display blogs, or to hide private sections such as Ask a Mod from the stats) and even to the core code (e.g., to be able to PM more than three people at a time).
The database is backed up three times a week, but those changes are often in the actual code, not the database.

All in all, it would easily take me a week of work (with the forums down all throughout) and has a large chance of failure and reverting to the old version. Hardly a good idea.
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the forum is fine how it is

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