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Why does everyone hate PR3/Prefer PR2 by a mile.
I saw alot of people on this fourm saying PR3 sucks ass or something like that.
I just wanna ask, why?
I like the controls and racing of Pr2, BUT I love the PR3 level editor.
pr2 has a great community
Because it's quite old, and most people here have simply grown out of the Platform Racing series. Continuously seeing the game and its predecessor promoted by particularly immature users can get annoying after a while.
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Sparkworkz and their servers suck and the community was very toxic. Block Editor was awesome though.
I don't have a sicknature
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pr2 had better art and better controls
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Traps are better on pr2 and everyone is a trapper and pr3 traps suck
(2016-05-09 16:43:03)Ares Wrote: you are making yourself look like moron ares is most knowledgeable on acid forum
Because so many triggered.
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because theres some loud pr2 kids who dont know how to keep their mouths shut
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Because most PR3 kids suck.
Because pr3 is better
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pr2 has a bigger fanbase, so it only seems like that
(2017-06-20 03:44:22)Roshi Wrote: pr2 has a great community


I like the creativity with sets in PR2 even though drawn basically.

pr2 is shit lol
I've enjoyed and played both thoroughly, and I feel like PR3 is more accomplished in terms of art - the levels are more original with custom blocks and all. Although PR3's controls really are much less nervy than PR2's ; speedrunning a level in PR3 doesn't quite feel as enthralling.
PR2 is to Melee as PR3 is Smash 4.

PR3 is better by miles but people prefer PR2 because nostalgia and it is more technical.
I like pr3 controls alot more. Easier to control it as opposed to pr2

Pr3 would have been perfect with pr2 design
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i like the pr3 block editor, it was pretty interesting
I like PR3 becuase I'm the best
The best of the game. Cool
The PR2 community was already too strong for people to want to transition to PR3. Asking someone to transition was asking them to start over, both with ranks, hats, and level making, but also in terms of learning the new mechanics and physics.

I also disliked that movement in PR3 was so slow (except for standing on arrow blocks, in which case movement was too fast and spastic.) It was really obnoxious playing a racing game where the sense of urgency was completely gone. And to top it all off, the stupid bouncing thing you did when you hit a mine was fucking INFURIATING.
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