Poll: What if you had this item?
I would sell it.
I would open it.
I would keep it and never open it.
I would keep it unopened and sell it at a later date.
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Is this worth it?

13 years old, unopened, factory sealed box of Pokémon Emerald. Costs $350. Would you buy this? Imagine how cool it would be to open this bad boy up, with everything untouched and the game cartridge looking new.

Just for curiosity, if you had this thing, what would you do with it? Would you sell it later? Would you open it? Or would you keep it as a collector's item?
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  • Zelante
I would sell it and buy a better computer.
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  • Residays
I collect LPs and CDs, so yeah i sometimes get unreasonably expensive stuff to keep. to be honest i don't know what i'll do with that stuff, i just leave it hanging around and let future me decide.
I'd sell it lmao, it wouldn't make me any happier than buying an opened one. After you use it it's no longer new and it would have been no different to buy a used one
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I wouldn't buy it. If I had it, I would definitely not open it. I'd probably keep it for a while, but I wouldn't rule out selling it eventually.
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no man that's fucking stupid
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I won't consider buying one but if I have one, I won't sell it.
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  • Zelante
I'd sell it. If I wanted a cart, I'd sell it and get a regular one.
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im sure a few years from now someone would buy it for more. sell l8r

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