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Eighth Grade
This is a movie produced by the popular comedian Bo Burnham who started his career on YouTube and went on to more mainstream comedy. Now he's producing a movie that's all about how cringy eighth grade is.

I really want to watch this movie. Even now as I'm 21, just watching this movie takes me back and I can feel the cringe going all the way through me. I'd love to watch the full length of this cringe-inducing masterpiece. Who else wants to watch it?

[Image: gWu2Jq2.jpg]
At first I thought it was a chick flick, but after watching I want to see that teacher dab
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8th grade was easily the worst days of life. Even tho im still basically the same as that girl just a 20 year old male lol
7th grade was the worst for me.
"anyway.. why do people keep saying my name? i don't sim anymore lol"
i fucking love bo, i have really high expectations from this movie
Middle school could use a more accurate depiction in media, but there's a reason people choose to forget about it rather than reminisce...
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6th was the worst, holy fucking shit. i don't even wanna think about it
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My government killed a man for no reason. They had no proof he was involved in 9/11 no one even charged him with it. He was never indicted, arrested or tried for the 1998 bombings but was gunned down like a dog in the street. One day we will find out the truth about 9/11.
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Middle school for me was better than high school, believe it or not.

This doesn't seem like a movie I'd like very much.
Was she reality or just a dream to me

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