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Streets of Rogue
A rogue/GTA-like 2D game where you complete missions, but can also do anything in the city from killing random people, raiding fridges, pranking buildings by inserting cigarette into their air circulation, and bribing the police. A lot of characters to choose from which influence your gameplay not only your stats and items and abilities, but also who will be your friends and enemies. Oh and you can use custom characters as well.

I pirated this game for a while then decided to buy it, totally worth it IMO. Don't really have anyone to play it with aside from the occasional random people though, so let me know (VM, post, Discord) if any of you have/checks out this game.


[Image: ss_67ecb4ee812e8c2bd4be9b0f2c50d04e6d5a4...1515261888]
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