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Have you ever heard the news to give programming education to children?
Have you ever heard such the similar news in your region?

In my nation I have once ever heard of that. And it says to have children programming education since young age. But as you think, it's difficult to have them type such the commands like this:

using namespace std;

int main(){
cout << "Hello, world!" << endl;
return 0;

They are not used to use the keyboard, so there are so many toys that you can learn the summaries of programming, similar games, or visualised programming languages.

Does your region recommend children to learn to program?

I just wonder whether the topic is already popular in so many nations.
There is nothing hard about typing symbols. Your average 10-year-old kid can type emoji on their phone just fine, and those are much harder to type than symbols. (I'm aware that both tasks are completely trivial, but do consider the comparative effort required.)

There are several programming languages designed for the express purpose of teaching programming; this is not a new endeavor. One of the first examples, BASIC, is over 50 years old.

The hardest part about teaching programming to younger students is comparable to, say, teaching math — they may not be able to grasp the level of mental abstraction needed to understand the concepts.

That being said, programming is now being taught more and more often in schools. I know of several initiatives to teach it here, including a recent government program to open a free entry-level programming course for 100,000 people.
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The BBC launched the BBC Micro Bit, for use in schools. Teaches conditionals, variables and other good stuff. I believe the final thing they teach is you, using the Micro Bit to recreate the Pac Man game.

When I was at college the entry point into programming was Pascal and VisualBASIC, seems like they are teaching children the basics earlier these days.
Yes I have.

Not everyone can program. Programming will become another "math" to most children. Not everyone is wired to think in this regimented, logical way.

I also believe more time should actually be allocated to life skills and basic computer literacy, these politicians going "DUUUH PROG-RAMMING HURRRRR" is just stupid.
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The big difference is that math is required for just too many tasks in life to be ignored. You would breed a generation of ignorants if you stopped teaching math in the upper portions of schooling (secondary school, high school, whatever you call it).
On the other hand, programming is a skill you mostly won't need in your daily life, provided you don't take a career path that requires it. (Basic computer literacy, as you describe, is a completely different ballpark.)

Some (in fact, most) people are simply unfit for programming, and it wouldn't be a good idea to force it on everyone. But it can work nicely as an elective.
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