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How often do you do drugs?
How often do you do drugs?

I usually smoke marijuana every night. I'll smoke during the day if I'm in the mood or a little if I need to clear out my mind while I'm studying or doing homework.

I drink every weekend for the most part but it happens on weekdays at times. I also have like one or two beers while I study or do homework if I need a boost, but I don't smoke simultaneously when I do this; it's usually an either or situation when I'm studying.
Good job ruining your life like that
(2018-05-03 16:36:14)Tebbe Wrote: Good job ruining your life like that

My life's pretty on track atm actually...
Drugs are bad mmkay?
It's like asking for a slight hint of apocalypse.

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I'm sure it's fine now but that's a pretty bad habit.
(2018-05-03 16:40:57)Tebbe Wrote: I'm sure it's fine now but that's a pretty bad habit.

I wouldn't even call it a habit with the way I've been using them the past 2 years tbh
Never done drugs, probably never will (except maybe marijuana, but i wouldn't smoke it)
I have never nor do I plan to, I'm a good boi
If you count caffeine (coffee) and added sugar (eh... some people do), then I consume them almost everyday. I have also had a bit of alcohol when I am with my family and they let me have some.
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I haven't used drugs in a year, but before that I was smoking quite frequently. I tried drinking, but pretty much lost control every time.

Other drugs I have used are MDMA, LSD, Shrooms and 25C-NBOMe.
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Never done any and don't plan to either
never, drugs are for degenerates and I'm a pure man
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DAE degen??????

why would you do drugs when you can just listen to some kpop, watch anime, or jerk it? (last option usually accompanied by at least one of the first two options)
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No, I don't do any. Drugs are for those who don't know or care about about its serious results.
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I don't; I don't see the point.
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i have a pretty high risk of getting psychosis so no, don't want to try out fate.
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Modafinil sometimes
any drug isn't even that bad if you're not addicted. y'all are tryna demonize it because that's all you've been taught
yes, it's smart to figure out ways to de-stress and get a grip on your mind without the use of drugs since drugs are rly just a mental catalyst

personally I don't even use Tylenol lol I'm all herbal. Green tea, sleep, and proper diet keeps me energized. Meditation in any shape or form is the best if you're concerned about mental fitness + any healthy choice is for the reason of living long enough to have kids and/or actually just a grip on a life you enjoy. Healthy = happy (while wealthy =/= happy, but that's another topic)

I'm not @'ing anyone tho lol you do you like if you think there's no potential in yourself, that's shit you take up with you and your mirrors okay most drugs do the exact opposite of finding purpose, they derail you into corners that you wouldn't see coming otherwise. Just listen to any reformation/rehab story
Camus (a philosopher homie) said the ultimate question of philosophy is whether or not to commit suicide, which is the extreme of doing anything to physically harm yourself willfully. Drugs and chemical headassery runs deeper than most people think yknow just check out the ingredients of cough syrup from like less than 100 years ago. "Modern" medicine is far too innovative, and the system treats its people like guinea pigs for statistics and gambles. If you rly want something that works, look towards the east, especially Asia. They're less innovative (no, you don't get a pill for vitamins, but organic is always 10x better anyways in terms of process) but for the most part, their medicine/health methodologies work

TL;DR Herbal shit has worked for centuries if you're tryna really live. If you're energized and creative, you have 10x more potential than any nut on LSD
Terrence McKenna said that drugs (mostly psychedelics) expand consciousness, but if you don't have a consciousness to expand, you're just wasting your time
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I smoke every day, I drink every day.
Life couldn't have been better.

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