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One thousand days
As you can see on my signature, as of today, we've been open for a thousand days, minus some downtimes here and there. While I'm not making yearly anniversary threads or anything of the like, I felt that this was enough of a milestone to make a thread like this one.

The situation of the forums has changed a lot since the first anniversary thread was made. Back then, the forums were still growing and we were getting new people. Nowadays, it seems like we've gotten everyone on board, and registrations are nearly non-existent; the few users that do register (and aren't spambots) hardly post. That being said, the forums aren't dying; they are slow, but they keep going at a steady pace.

It's nice to see that, after nearly three years of JV's death, after over a decade of its inception, and after so many people have grown old and moved onto further stages of their lives, many of us are still around here talking and keeping in touch. It seems that, despite we no longer have a group of games congregating us together, we're still hanging around here.

I hope the forums can continue to live for a long while, and that we'll keep finding topics to make threads about and reasons to come back here. Happy four digits, everyone!
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We also got 6900 threads, so I guess that's a double achievement for you.
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I love this community, I really do. It has some of my favourite people on the internet on it Wink
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