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Spring semester has ended and onto the summer. I am currently looking for a job to fill in time and gain experience while going to school. Waiting to hear back from jobs stinks. What is even worse is finding "entry-level positions" that have qualification requirements. To expound, every dish washing job I found requires at least six months - one year of dish washing and/or customer service experience; I understand if these are fine dining establishments, but there are low-scale American restaurant chains that are doing this. It is what it is and I am being very impatient since I started applying a week ago (completely my fault). I was going to start applying for ridesharing with Uber Eats, but what they do not tell you is the pain of working the job out with your insurance provider.

EDIT: In other and semi-relevant news, my Xbox 360 Elite finally got the Red Ring of Death after ten years. There goes something to do over the summer while I am by myself. I cannot get a new one, since I do not want to frivolously spend money without any income.
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Are you in the United States?? That's ridiculous that your required to have at least 6months-1y for a job that literally anyone can do.
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I feel you brother last summer i applied to like 11 jobs and didn't get one, lets hope it works out this time around
(2018-05-17 00:11:51)Addy Wrote: Are you in the United States?? That's ridiculous that your required to have at least 6months-1y for a job that literally anyone can do.

Yes, I am in the U.S. Fortunately I have found some local/small-time organizations that *on paper* do not think like this and should give me a better chance. From there, stay with them into the school year and continue to gain customer service experience.
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Look for volunteer positions if you can't find paying jobs, they can give you just the edge you need - or even provide job opportunities in the organization you volunteer for.
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I also can't find a job for the same reason. How am I supposed to have experience in the field when nearly every job requires experience?
It's like asking for a slight hint of apocalypse.

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I've heard of job postings asking for 5 years of experience on technology that came out in 2015.
Just apply anyway; you have nothing to lose.
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Update: The night I posted this I applied to some small time concession stand job at a youth sports facility and received an email the next morning asking my availability to meet with the person about this. I replied, but I still have not received a response. I also just received a phone call for a general position at a fun park I applied to and have set up an interview with one of the managers.
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Good luck with the job hunt! I was very lucky to find a job pretty quickly when I started applying for stuff, but I applied to two other jobs which didn't even bother to reply to me which sucked.
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All kinds of shitty music:
Most likely final update: The general manager hired me on the spot at the interview so now I am working at the fun park. I am basically going to be a carny now.
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