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Is middle the best?
Today I found the being of a certain manga, made by Japanese. It's called "テコンダー朴", which a Korean guy Pak, a teikondo player, fights lots of right-winged Japanese. Many scenes say that Korea is the best while Japan must be eliminated from the Earth. Again, this was made by Japanese. The manga was made by Japanese. The manga was made by Japanese.

In 2015, the manga got taken up on South Korean diet and became the problem.

I found the fact that many Japanese readers thought it funny while many Koreans thought it not true.

Seeing such the insane article about it, I re-remembered I hate both rights and lefts. They are very insane that can occur second cold war or third world war.

I once had an idea to unite Korea and Japan to make a completely-different country because it wouldn't make wars between those nations anymore. It could, though, actually.

Anyway, people. The war between rights and lefts are getting serious. We need to find the best dealings.

I can't stand with such those insane political wars anymore. The problem is that they force us to fight together with those people.

I supposed I had already forgotten that world.
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