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Ahah. Well...

If you need a refresher, I'm Suicide Idiot Bomber on pr2, also EpicSui. You may know me. 

Anyway, as it stands right now, I'm 18 years old, and I'm graduating in 2 days. So of course when I'm in  pivot of my life, I'm thinking hard as to where I've been, and I've spent a whole lot of time on pr2, and met some phenomenal people. In that, I mean friends, some who I still intend to travel to meet one day. As far as the title friend goes, quite a few of these people I really learned and grew from. I've established some morals and values from these people... I'd really give a shout out to Bloodyhead1 and TheBreeze/C MAN 100 and the rest of the Synergy guild for that. It's been fun on playing pr2 and being appart of a guild that had brought value to my experiences on PR2. 

Anyway... as it stands, these next few months are going to be really rough for me. There's a lot of things stressing out my family but the biggest underlying thing that is going to affect everyone the most is that my mother has been diagnosed with brain cancer about a month ago. She's getting surgery in a week. And damn, it really does scare me. As much as I hope the procedure goes well, the hospital bills I'm sure are going to be hefty. I can't really put into words about how much fear is going to go through me in the next... 2 weeks. The only thing I really can do right now, is to support her in whatever way I can, and just... be there. I don't know what else to do.

All of this despite the problems we've had in the past 2 years since my parents divorced, how much has changed, I still can't stand what might happen if she becomes dysfunctional. 

If you read this whole blog, thank you. I can't really say much more, except that no matter what happens, life still moves forward and that one way or another, there will be an outcome and I just have to be there when it happens and not be stuck with it. There's too much to do to be stuck on one aspect of things.
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Man, fuck cancer. Hope the surgery will be succesful and your mother will get better, good luck getting through all of this
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You are officially unemployed now
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(2018-05-31 18:06:20)Whitepro Wrote: You are officially unemployed now

"now"? I don't think he had a job before, now did he?

Anyway, I hope the surgery goes well. When my mom had brain surgery (a huge brain tumor, fortunately benign), they told us that if we had had to pay for it, the cost would have been in the six digits in USD.
That being said, her surgery went well, and you wouldn't be able to tell she's had brain surgery if you met her now. (Or a few months after the surgery, for that matter.) I know this is scary, but success stories exist, so just hope for the best and know that not everything is lost.

Good luck and stay strong!
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