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subscribe to my youtube
I'm gonna be vloggin this summer, doing pranks and uploading covers.
Got my first subscriber earlier today, despite no posts, but I'd love to have some jvers and acid people come show some love
I wanna change my username to something blaze related haha but I'll keep y'all updated! ^^"
Cool Join the dark side, we have chilli paneer
link pls lol
i feel like we are missing something
Do you still not know how to make blogs?
If you need to contact me for any reason, or if you have any questions, concerns, problems or requests, message me here or email me at

This forum has been around for (loading...)
"anyway.. why do people keep saying my name? i don't sim anymore lol"
(2018-06-22 04:40:48)b Wrote: i feel like we are missing something

Yeah... a link to the channel, perhaps?
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