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Is it good to use the computer/smartphone/tablet since an infant?
Is it good to use the computer, smartphone, tablet, and whatever, since such the infant age? I wonder if it is good or not.

Honestly, I think we should define what "to use the computer" is. To be shown is not counted while to operate is counted.

Reviewing my experience, I don't think it good for your health, I think.

Actually, when I was about 3, my father showed me and my mother some FLASH works, and at that time I managed to learn to use mouse. Later, I learnt to use the keyboard, I guess. It was earlier to use the personal computer for the first time than that of to use cell phones and to use handheld game console. As a result, I used to play computer games almost every day since around that age, which caused me something unhealthy and something bad at communicating with other people, I think.

So, what is your opinion?

tbh is it valuable to discuss it although there are some sites that has conclusions about it?
nothing wrong with that as long as the kid doesn't spend all their time on it.
Depends on the maturity of the child as well as how much time they spend on it (and for what).
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Yes. It's better to teach them how to use those things properly and safely, after all.
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I mean if they're under supervision why not.

I've seen a 9 year old in this one community insult everyone who differs in opinion and makes horrible topics, he seriously thinks he'll get cancer from "cancerous" posts.
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If theyre a nerdy kid at six then heck yes
If theyre an outside kiddo then heck no
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it's okay as long as they aren't going on
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