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JV comics archive
A few months ago I tried to make an archive of the JV comics thread. Something went wrong, but I discovered today that I still had a list of links to images posted in the thread. I retrieved all the ones I could. You can get them here, in a 186 MB .zip file containing 2385 files:

  • This does not include any images that were uploaded as attachments
  • This is taken from all images posted in the thread, so not all images are comics or made by JVers
  • They're not sorted, but they kept their filename

These are a few of the images, to give a sample of the quality:
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That's awesome, thank you.

It will be nice to look over them for old times sake lol too bad a lot of them are probably gone already with tinypic.

looking through these I found a fitting image, I'll leave this here

[Image: huroo8h.png]
[Image: signature_2017_feb_by_playerzed-db06m6e.png]
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I don't know why... but I have reason to believe that someone out there has been consciously making efforts to erase every single piece of history involving me prior to 2015.
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I forgot I did this, and the file host I used no longer exist. But I still have the file, so I uploaded it on mediafire. You can download it again.

It would be nicer to put them in some sort of online album so you don't have to download them all just to look at them.
I was hoping my old comics would be lost forever by now. This is mega cringe.
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