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just drank a cup of senna pod, strong laxative
so I haven't rly shared what I've been up to for a while so I thought today's a good day to entertain

what it is:
so i got this thing where detoxing is like a fresh start right
for the last month i was pretty unhealthy, not working out as much and binge eating a bunch

so I took ten leaves of this senna shit about an hour ago and now in about 7 hours my insides will clench and I'll basically be in tears but yo in 48 hours I'll start my month of intense core workouts

i'll update this post on how it goes and if i recommend trying it

stay tuned folks
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I hope you at least know that you have no hopes of undoing a few weeks of bad habits with laxatives, as they will only force out what is currently undergoing digestion inside your body — i.e., today's food, at most.
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yea lmao it barely worked

guess I'll double the dose in a couple months, probably thanksgiving or something
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just eat clean, as diet is more important when it comes to weight

also go to the gym
Just go keto bro because anytime someone mentions food or diet, everyone on keto must talk about how it is the greatest thing since avoiding sliced bread and it is the miracle cure to anything.
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Just go to the toilet and puke after each meal
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