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Been writing a journal
It's been okayish so far.

I started it out of desperation because I didn't want to keep making rants at my boyfriend, and I only ever used it very occasionally in case I got very depressed. It's all been in the back of my phone for some time, but only recently have I started putting it out on the internet. Even so, this "journal" has remained very inactive until perhaps a month ago or so where i actually did repurpose the thing as a proper journal, swearing to myself to update it weekly.

The past week or so has been too harsh. I got rejected by a job, almost dropped out of college and in general have been feeling like utter shit. At this point I'm beginning to feel desperate and sometimes panic a little thinking about how I'm gonna go about fixing all this. I try to keep a level head regardless but it's been so hard.

Stuff I would like to do is to perhaps go to the gym to forcefully beat my social anxiety, and eventually be that social person in class. I'm sick of having no friends, actually. It was pretty great until I realized I had a long distance relationship and I didn't exactly have anyone I could visit on days off.

I could go on, but eh. It's midnight right now, I just want to go to sleep. All the pages are on a perhaps not safe page for me to share, so if anyone is interested I might end up posting them here in one long post.

also hi acid chat ive been gone for like a year how much deader are we lol
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Hey, and I hope thinks get better for you soon.
If you need to contact me for any reason, or if you have any questions, concerns, problems or requests, message me here or email me at

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Best of luck with all that. I would recommend tackling one small thing at a time, it can be hard to change your entire life in a single swoop but if you focus on one problem at a time you can gradually progress one day at a time until you get where you want to be.

Also, definitely do consider going to the gym! It has done wonders for my mood and has been scientifically proven to be like a magic pill of sorts.
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