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Dragged somewhere familiar
I had to (very begrudgingly) move back to my old house when I came to Peru. It was a little frustrating, since the apartments I lived in were very close to the city, and I could just take one bus there and come back safely. It was sad, but I'm over it now.

It's gotten a lot more quiet here, at least. My cousin and her two rowdy children moved out to Spain, and soon my aunt will too, leaving the house to only my mom, myself and my grandma. Mom is starting to look into cleaning up everything because the house is still a general mess, but for now, we're just getting settled in before my aunt leaves.

It was kinda like pressing a reset button, which, fittingly, I kinda needed. I've been down for too long, and at least around here the sun likes to shine through more often. Maybe with the free time I have here I'll be able to write more often or something. The internet is also absurdly faster here compared to the router mom bought so at least there's that, too.

Anyway, that's all for now. I have actually gotten myself into writing something again, maybe I'll post it to the Writer's Corner thread when I'm done.
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