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So... I Met Domics
[Image: DoT87b6VAAAr_dP.jpg]

Yep... this is a thing that happened. I mean, I knew it was going to happen eventually but I just didn't know when. The dude was stormed by crowds of people (as expected) and I managed to snag a picture with him before the lineup even started to form. However, the constant crowding made it hard to actually converse with the dude. The most you'd get is a picture and maybe even an autograph.

During the Q&A segment of the conference however, I managed to fire 3 questions in rapid succession. Each person was probably limited to just one, but my questions were rather legit and they were pretty much the same questions that a majority of the audience wanted the answer to anyway... naturally, most of them were only there just to see him. I on the other hand, didn't necessarily put him high on my priority list (SHOCKER!) and instead focused on networking with as MANY people as possible during the event; the other presenters as well as several of the attendees, most of which were valuable network connections in their own right.

So what were these three rapid-fire questions that I asked? Well here they are...

1. What advice do you have for new up and coming artists and animators, not just for youtube, but animation in general?
Paraphrased: Animation and art in general is a tough industry to begin with and requires a lot of time, patience and commitment. You're also going to be facing a lot of critics and people may claim that you might be copying others simply because your art style might match someone else's. Generally speaking, it's not for those who don't have a real passion for it and it's usually a good idea to network with other artists and animators in the field.

2. Building on top of the previous question, what would be the best way to network with other animators in the field?
Paraphrased: The youtube landscape is highly saturated with people who are trying their own thing when it comes to animation. There are many ways to contact and network with other artists; such as forums, social media accounts, discord is a good one, and many others. It takes time and effort to seek out good connections, not just in art, but connections for networking in general.

3. What is the best way to contact you?
*Followed by the raving and cheering of fans*
Quote: ""

I got caught up in the moment and wasn't thinking entirely straight at the time, but I think his inbox is going to be flooded for the next 2 days... so I'm going to wait until 2 days before following-up with him.
Who is Domics?
(2018-09-30 19:10:15)FinalCheetah Wrote: Who is Domics?
First time I've ever heard of him. o_O

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