Poll: Did Caesarion die in 30 BC?
Yes, I believe the official story.
No, I think he escaped.
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Did Caesarion really get killed?
Caesarion was the son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar whom was born upon Caesar's visit to Egypt. When Julius Caesar was assassinated in the Senate, he wrote in his will that his great nephew Octavian should be adopted as his son and rightful heir of Rome. Later, when Octavian marched on Egypt to defeat his rival Mark Antony who was then married to Cleopatra, the married couple took their own lives.

Octavian was set on killing Caesarion because he was Julius Caesar's only natural born son, and could have possibly contested Octavian later in his life. Caesarion was only 17 years old at this time.

It has been said that Caesarion was killed by Roman soldiers, however the exact circumstances of his death are unknown. He may have died in some other way or fled to India. It's even possible that he lived a long life under a new identity.

What do you think happened to Caesarion? Did he die in 30 BC as the official story says, or did he escape? Discuss.
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who cares lol, he's dead now anyway
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(2018-10-10 16:10:06)Podifo Wrote: who cares lol, he's dead now anyway
Or is he?
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Caesarion is ProClifo and he's trying to gauge public opinion
I don't have a sicknature
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the greatest trick caesarion ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist
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My government killed a man for no reason. They had no proof he was involved in 9/11 no one even charged him with it. He was never indicted, arrested or tried for the 1998 bombings but was gunned down like a dog in the street. One day we will find out the truth about 9/11.
-William Connell
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(2018-10-10 22:53:05)ProClifo Wrote:
(2018-10-10 16:10:06)Podifo Wrote: who cares lol, he's dead now anyway
Or is he?
don't tell anyone i said this but he's hiding on cuba with tupac and michael jackson
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