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Have you accepted your inevitable death?
I've accepted it, but then it gives me that anxiety of like "oh i could die tomorrow in a tragic accident like you never know" so its maybe a push to 'live life to the fullest'?
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(2018-11-06 15:26:29)TheWicked Wrote:
(2018-10-21 03:37:25)Resarekt Wrote: Judging by my irrational fear of death and the inevitable...I would say no not yet

Why fear something you can't prevent? It's similar to fearing pain or fearing ageing. What's the use in fearing it? Why put yourself through that fear?  

Fearing heights is understandable because there's a chance you might fall (and if you don't die) break every bone in your body + excruciating pain; but I just cannot understand why somebody would fear death. It makes no sense to me.

lmao u srs
Not so much afraid of death itself, but rather the pain and/or suffering that usually comes before it. Preferably I'd favour dying painlessly in my sleep.

Graves and coffins are rather expensive and a hassle to procure. I'm better off being buried in a forest or something. Just dig a hole, dump my body into it, then plant a tree sapling on top of my burial site.

My body was made from the soil of the Earth and so it shall return.
what accept, life is a fucking movie you just watch from your perspective. you think you're making free choices, but in reality your brain is just computing the "best" outcome based on previous experience/knowledge which means life can't change in any way and will always just be based on coincidences that happen around you.
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