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Why are Japanese very offensive to Brazilians?
I was going to bed in some minutes, but since I heard such the news, I decided to make a thread before I forget it.

Why are Japanese very offensive to Brazilians (and Japanese who were born in Brazil)?

Well, this is gonna be complicated and I must learn this topic more before I can discuss well....

After 2nd W.W., Brazil-Japan relationship got built in order to develop Brazil.

Okay, let's organize what I know now.
  • There are many Brazilians (and perhaps many other foreigners) in this town (actually, in this city).
  • The news of the night took over the city having half of its population with Brazilians.
  • I don't think I have never talked with them, at all.
  • I used to have a few classmates from Brazil when I was an elementary school child.
  • I do speak English, but how do I speak Portuguese? ...This may be one of the barriers between them and us.
  • Industry Development... i think.
  • Why the hell don't we try to speak their languages, but make them speak ours?
  • Also why the hell don't we give them enough salary as well as us?
  • TBH aren't we doing likely to other foreigners? HOW RACIST.

So, ... I got it. I gotta act before just making such these threads. But how? How do I communicate with them?
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$6.50 says that he will want to commit genocide against Brazilians before the end of this year
"anyway.. why do people keep saying my name? i don't sim anymore lol"
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To speak portuguese you learn it, don't know what you expect us to say.
The reason why they have to learn japanese and you don't have to learn portuguese is because they're the ones getting in another country, which speaks japanese.

Xenophobia and Racism exist everywhere, it's a problem that will probably exist forever. Idk why they would get a smaller salary though, but aren't there bigger factors in that?

Like for example feminists would scream sexism when being paid less when there are some factors like, how well they do, how much they work, their grades in school and university, how long have they worked... maybe it's something like that?

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