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Thank you! (A Thread)
Hello everyone. Kursed just popping in and occasionally visiting the forums.

Wow. Not much has changed here, huh? I always see Mystery online when I visit the forums maybe twice a month but for the most part this place seems to have declined in activity drastically. Sometimes I see members in other communities such as Ivory(Bill Cosby) from the Competitive Smash scene, I still keep in rare touch with other people such as TheBreeze, Resare, Tony and Zerinus(EpicSui).
It brings a smile to my face, really. We're still here but most of us have moved on, or is currently losing interest from the old community it seems. I'm not smiling because we're losing our community but because many users from the old community are living a different life now. We're growing older! But hey! That's not a bad thing! Why? Well, because I had some of the best memories with our community. I did have some fun posts here, but my memories of the JV community are still golden. And I hope many of you did too. 

It's been... 10 years since PR2 released. Isn't that amazing? That game introduced me to internet culture and brought me together with so many people! Some I still keep in touch with today =)
I'm no veteran, but I'd love to also hear some of your memories! Here's some of my confessions from Pr2 and the JV community:
  • I online dated (smh)
  • I spent A LOT of money on xat. More than I'd like to admit.
  • I used to be a mod wanna be and sucked up haarrrd lol
  • I would tell people HOTW "is a joke and shouldn't be taken seriously" but when I won it was the most exciting moment I ever had on JV Tongue
  • I used to hack pr2 for fun (its not hard if I figured it out Tongue)
  • I spent months trying to beat Devious Shadow's Classic Traps 
  • Carina was the sext/flirt server, Derron was too crowded and hectic but Grayan was the OG server. 
  • I once changed my username on JV to "Thebleeze" (also changing my avatar and signature) while TheBreeze was hosting a Big Brother competition. I impersonated him and posted "Due to a short notice, this challenge will end 14 hours early!" and messed up the challenge. It was my first ban on JV for a couple weeks, however it was shortened thanks to Luna. (sorry breeze, I feel awful about this one) 
  • Zerinus has always had my back and I love him dearly.
hahaha it's always so fun to look back. This thread is meant to say thank you to everyone in this community. I'd love to see some of you post your memories, or what your thoughts are about the community. I'm not moved on entirely, but this place... it just doesn't mean as much to me as it once did. It's natural, really. Thank you for all the laughs, the fun, the memories and the stupid memes. I'll still be here, but as I watch this place fade I hope you'll be popping in occasionally like me and maybe see this thread. I'd love to see you post. Also! AMA!

Thank you everyone. Much love.
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I spammed for a few years because I felt a ban was unjustified.
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Yeah, I'm still here. I've really enjoyed the time I've spent here, even though I joined kinda late.

I remember when Grayan was packed too. Back when rank 30 was impressive, and Campaign was filled with usernames.

It's a nice wave of nostalgia thinking about the time I spent as a young kid on PR2 in an otherwise unpleasant part of my life. I'd like to think that this community has shaped me into a better person and I'm truly grateful for the memories I've created.

I'm also glad that the people I used to know moved on with their lives and can reminisce about the good times they've had, and it's all because of a flash game.
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