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Pxem Derivative Esolangs [Megathread]
Pxem is an esoteric programming language originally developed by nk.(formerly "ぬこ", but sometimes, "にゃんこ", I have no ideas what his/her official nickname is) and appeared in 2008. Many years later, the language was completely forgotten.

According to his/her revival blog,
Final Section Wrote:I originally developed by just joking

With Pxem, you don't need to write anything in content of file. Instead, you just need to put everything in filename (though you can also use content of file).

List of reserved characters you cannot use for filename, for people who'd like to add more commands to Pxem.

In this thread we will discuss how Pxem can be improved, and what kind of derivatives will be made.

Finally, if you'd like to, you should use this hashtag #PxemEsolang to tell from many unrelated words, such as "Px and Em", "Pxem (perhaps, game?)", and so on.

Also should we discuss how "Pxem" should be pronounced?
You already made a thread about this.
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