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Reckless drivers are now social problem.
Do you know reckless driving?

I need some helps with decreasing number of drivers who try to be very provocative to others.

These days I hear lots of news about it. These are what they try to do to other drives on highway and several roads:
  • get close extremely
  • stalk
  • break suddenly after forceful interruption
  • high beam
  • passing
  • horning
  • swear with loud voice
  • and harass with several ways

The laws, however, haven't caught those problems.

This is the latest news about it. Though I'm not sure this is related to that article, I heard the news that the suffered woman had said, "I'm so sad to see my parents died." this morning.
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I thought they were a problem since always?
I've said it before and I'll say it again, focus on improving yourself before you focus on changing massive social issues. Do you even have a driving license? Nobody will take you seriously if all you do is talk about social issues but don't have your life in order.
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