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Why is dumpster diving illegal in some places?
Think about it. When someone throws something in the trash, they dispose of it and are never going to use it again. So why do some places in the world make it illegal to take things from the trash?

Another thing that is pretty fucking weird is how stores throw away all the things that don't get sold. Like, they don't give it away to people. They just throw it away. Not only that, sometimes they destroy the stuff! Honestly, that sounds pretty fascist to me. Even when they don't have use for things anymore, they would rather destroy them than give it to someone who can't normally afford them. That is honestly sad.

What do you think?
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I don't know but it reminds me a bit of how people put spikes in places where homeless people want to sleep (although I guess that can be somewhat justified with the point that homeless people make the place dirty).
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Because many dumpster divers make a mess around the dumpster without bothering to clean it up
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I guess some places might have hazardous or contaminated waste.
(2018-12-09 01:56:01)Podifo Wrote: Because many dumpster divers make a mess around the dumpster without bothering to clean it up

Then shouldn't it be making a mess that gets prohibited?
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Some people, and thus some legislative bodies, think that by making homeless people's lives harder, they'll go away. This, of course, is complete insanity, but that has never stopped a legislator from voting for a law before.
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