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AWS Lambda supports COBOL
News Article

This became very controversial topic at that time, at least in my region.

What did you think to hear that?

I have heard that companies trying to encourage newbies to use COBOL are said to be terrible because they will never make any projects, but they will have to maintain the systems.

PS. Have you ever tried COBOL? In fact I have, with GnuCOBOL. I wondered whether I must write row numbers like below:
000400     DISPLAY 'HELLO, WORLD!'.
000500     STOP RUN.
I found it works whether source has them or not. I was surprised to see tabs are not available.
"Meanwhile, some companies spend vast sums of money to rewrite their COBOL applications in languages such as Java"

Pls stop
COBOL is an extremely old language. I'm not sure if it has hit 50 years already, but it's definitely over 40.

However, some computer systems and some software is extremely old as well. Banks in particular are known for using lots of old software, much of which is written in COBOL or other equally-ancient languages — the reason is that, with the industry being heavily regulated, and failures being extremely expensive (a rounding error in fractions of cents can cost a bank a million dollars), they prefer to keep their existing systems which have stood the test of time instead of getting new ones just for the sake of having something modern.

These old systems existing is the single reason why ancient languages like COBOL are still maintained, and new tools keep getting developed for them.
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