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Do Japanese ACTUALLY offensive to immigrates?
I thought this thread's name should be: "Do you like/hate foreigners, ACTUALLY?" but I eventually changed into: "Do Japanese ACTUALLY offensive to immigrates?"

Reading an article about life workers from overseas in Japan written in from page 18 of this magazine, I suddenly became mad. Then, I assumed this:

Is this because WE, JAPANESE, hate foreigners so much? (including myself)

If so, no one in Japanese will definitely treat them as immigrates, not as foreigners.

These days I heard some news that politicians discuss how we should accept immigrates, which is getting very controversial.

But I saw the worst thing in the world on the article. The article said that: the worker's daughter's teacher forced her to become Japanese, NO MATTER WHAT, though her mother and her accept the culture in Japan (if I remembered the contents correctly). Also I think I saw this:

Quote:When I was fighting with Vietnamese worker, the boss of the factory told us to get our own nations, showing boarding tickets.

Seeing those contents, I thought as if we, Japanese, treated foreign workers not as immigrates nor as human beings, but as labour robots.

Now I have some questions.

  1. Are Japanese worse than racists?
  2. Why do Japanese want to keep Japan nation for Japanese, themselves?
  3. How should we accept immigrates?
  4. In fact I see some foreigners in my city, too. But we don't think we have ever thought of them, nor talked to them, which results in making them alone. This issue is not for specified people, but also for anyone, including myself, isn't it?
  5. Then, how can I discuss with anyone? In fact I have nobody who wants to discuss with me.
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it's fine if you don't wanna accept them into the country as long as you do it politely
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(2018-12-11 22:18:03)self Wrote: it's fine if you don't wanna accept them into the country as long as you do it politely

I heard many shitful adults want them nothing, but because of lack of labour force. That's why they want to accept them. The problem is: they hate them.
Japan has traditionally rejected immigrants, and their mistreatment of foreigners as inferior is well-known. I can only hope this is slowly going away, as it has been happening elsewhere.
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