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Does my country hate true love?
During the second world war, German soldiers were occupying my country Norway. During that time, a lot of women fell in love with German soldiers, had relationships with them, and in some cases, even had children.

After the war, these women were labeled traitors and disgraced by the rest of the country. No one was hated as much as the "German sluts," as they were called. Government officials looked the other way when their rights were being violated. Even their kids were hated, simply for being the offspring of German soldiers. Not like they had a choice in the matter.

The thing is, the German soldiers who occupied us were behaving fairly well, and must I say handsome? It's no shock that some women would fall for them. Honestly, I find it rather beautiful than anything, being able to find true love during the time of war.

So, is the rest of our country just a bunch of bitter old people who hate true love? Do you think they were justified in their hatred of these women? Discuss.
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It's hard to justify hatred in any circumstance. Hating the kids, who never even had a choice in the matter, is just downright nonsensical.
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