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The best way to solve territorial dispute
Big Grin 
In fact I've just found the best way to solve it!

As many of you might know, South Korea and Japan are fighting about which nation owns Liancourt Rocks (aka Takeshima and Dokto). Though many of you (perhaps including myself) never care for that, the two governments are very serious with the issue.

However, according to page 179 in ISBN978-4-331-52071-0, it is recommended to hold an ocean fishing competition there! Sounds wonderful?

So why not? In fact I'm not good at fishing at all.
A) What system would be put in place to prevent cheating
B) What third party would be the referree
C) Would both countries even agree to this in the first place?
D) If yes to C, how would they express this? Through a vote?
E) No
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