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Time for my quarterly check on what’s going on here and an update to my life! 

How my life is going so far:

I’m single

I’m poor as shit

My will to live is straining

Buuuuut I got accepted to University of Illinois-Chicago Circle for Business Management and I have a lot of friends by my side that I care about literally more than I care about myself so there’s that. In all actuality, I’m more mentally stable than before I just don’t like this abrupt transition to adulthood I had. Very stressful 1/10 do not recommend. 

But that’s about all that has changed. I still work the same job and it sounds like I’m getting promoted there soon so that’ll be a nice little boost in payment. See y’all in about 4.68 months for the next life update lol.

OH and I dislocated my left knee at the end of October by going to a haunted house and taking a picture with an actor...

Can confirm it makes getting kicked in the nads feel like falling on a soft pillow. I was screaming the pain was so bad. My knee is good now cause of a hospital trip, copious amounts of Ibuprofen and lots of physical therapy. But if you ever want to be in so much pain that you would rather want to be dead then I highly recommend. 

Ok bye
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sounds about right for an average human life

also hooray for dislocating stuff, welcome to the club!
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Congrats on what seems to be an upcoming promotion, and also on getting accepted.
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